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This morning I got down the box of Super Bowl decor from the garage rafters. As I was going through the container I realized that don’t really have anything good to put on the mantel.   I brainstormed for a little while and came up with an idea for a cool decoration. For less than […]

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We’ve waited a long time for crawfish to come back in season. Today Groomer’s Seafood had their first shipment of these delicious little crustaceans.  Of course we had to play with our food before we cooked it. Lily is the one who likes to purge them. I think it’s mostly because she gets to play […]


JP and I spent the last few days on the Oregon Coast with some of his family. Marlene wanted to rent a house on the coast for a few days to celebrate her birthday. We rented a beautiful house on the ocean just outside of Seaside, OR. JP and I flew in on the last […]

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Lily had her second game of the volleyball season today. So far they are undefeated. GO FIREBALLS! Like this:Like Loading…

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All morning I kept hearing a tapping sound out in the backyard. I finally went out to investigate. Check out this beauty.  Like this:Like Loading…

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laundry sign lost socks diy homemade

I think this might be my next project. Pretty cool, right? Like this:Like Loading…

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homemade seahawks sign how to diy cheaper nfl yard sign

For the last few days I have worked on a project out in the garage. I started the project earlier this week while JP was out of town. I used a leftover piece of wood that I found in the garage. And I bought the paint at Lowe’s. The total cost of this project was […]

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I am really glad that we protected our citrus trees last night. Like this:Like Loading…

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I watch the local weather like a hawk. Last year around this time a night freeze in San Antonio killed our beloved lime tree. Luckily both the orange tree and the grapefruit tree survived that frost. I am not taking anymore chances. Today I saw this and knew that I had to go put lights […]

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I spent this week in San Antonio, Seattle and Portland. I try really hard to save every SnapChat that I send. Enjoy!  Like this:Like Loading…

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Do you remember playing with Bloonies when you were a kid? Lily found a package of them in my rainy day stash. Hours of entertainment.  Like this:Like Loading…


A few months ago I started making individual servings of jello. I realized that when I make a big bowl of jello it doesn’t all get eaten. So now I make individual jellos pretty often. Check out this picture from back in November. I use 8 ounce canning jars.  Today I was making more jello […]


As usual JP, Lily and I did nothing for NYE. Like seriously nothing. It has been unusually cold around here. Gross.  Like this:Like Loading…

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Every once in a while JP and I get the urge to make something. This is what we have been up to for the last few days. JP came up with the idea and the design. The idea was to make a shelf for all of his toy cars. Since this is was my first time […]

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When we were in New Orleans earlier this week we bought this t-shirt for Lily. She will put ketchup on anything.  Like this:Like Loading…


Merry Christmas my friends! We had a pretty low key day today. I don’t think anyone even changed out of their pj’s.  We opened presents. And ate really good food. Check out these hilarious napkins. JP made his famous smoked ribs. Someone sent us a new Seahawks flag that we hung up right away. We […]

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JP and I are both big fans of New Orleans, LA. We spent the last few days there having fun, eating good food, and meeting new people.  My friends make fun of me for this but it is always a good idea to write your hotel room number on your arm before you head out […]

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