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Lily plays volleyball every Monday and Saturday. And of course she had a game today. I think they are undefeated this season. Their team name is Fireballs. At the first practice the coach asked the girls to come up with a team name and Lily blurted out FIREBALLS! So Fireballs it is. Lily is in […]

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Lily had a school choir concert today. Can you spot her? How about now? Like this:Like Loading…

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I walked out in the garage today and this guy was just standing there. He didn’t really move the entire time I was out there. Like this:Like Loading…


A few years ago I was reading about Houston when I found out about the National Museum of Funeral History. Anytime anyone has said anything about Houston for the last few years I have mentioned that I wanted to go check out that museum. Today I finally had a chance. I was not disappointed at […]

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Yesterday JP had a flight from San Antonio, TX to Houston, TX to Monroe, LA. His plane was delayed out of San Antonio so by the time he got to Houston the next plane had already left without him. He called me around 5:00 and told me that he was stuck in Houston for the […]

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I already mentioned one of the places that I went to in Houston. Here are a few of the other places that I found on my RoadsideAmerica app. I stopped at these place on my drive from Houston back to San Antonio.  This one is Hillendahl Family Cemetery. It’s in the corner of a parking […]

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We have a pair of Cardinals that hang out in our backyard pretty much year round. I believe they are a pair because one of them is almost completely red. The other one is more of a brownish red color like in the picture below. They don’t let me get very close so I had to […]


Every holiday JP’s mom sends Lily a package. And every time Lily is super excited to open it up. For the last few weeks I have helped my friend Liz go through all of her things in preparation for her move across the country. She gave us three of the signs that she had at […]


For us Valentine’s Day is not really a grand affair. We aren’t really chocolate, cards and flowers kinda people. This year for Valentine’s Day we went to the store and picked out a few trees to add to our backyard. Not just any trees we bought fruit bearing trees. We were so excited to bring […]

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Portland Rain

Here are a few things that I took pictures of this week in Portland.  Like this:Like Loading…


I sent this SnapChat today.   Later that day we were on a leaking airplane.   We obviously survived the flight.        Like this:Like Loading…

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Check out this picture of my sister and I from early 1980 something.  Typing that last line reminds me of a country song by Mark Wills named 19 Somethin’. If you haven’t hear it then here you go.   Like this:Like Loading…

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One of the best things about having years and years of photos archived is that you can go back and look at things that you otherwise may have forgotten. The best part is sometime in 2008 they started getting sorted in date order. Now I can do things like this. Do you know what I […]


Today is Super Bowl Sunday! We had so much fun watching the game. But as you know at the very end it turned out to be a sad sad night.    Like this:Like Loading…

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We spent the last few days preparing for our Super Bowl XLIX Party.  At the beginning of January when we were talking down the outside Christmas lights we left the green ones up. I told JP that if the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl that we can turn them on during Super Bowl Week. […]

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Check out what they found out by the hot tub today.  This is the first rattlesnake that we’ve ever seen in our yard. We’ve seen other types but never a rattler. Check out those fangs. Raul was the bravest of us all.  Like this:Like Loading…

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I feel like I have waited for a day like today for a long time. I was thrilled this morning when I saw the forecast. I dedicated the whole day to outside work. First up was vacuuming the pool. It felt so good to put on a bikini and sunscreen. I wear sunscreen on my […]

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seattle seahawks seahawk white board decoration diy 12th man

We are hosting a Super Bowl Party at our house this weekend. So basically all week will be spent decorating.  Check out what I did with the white board in the garage.  Like this:Like Loading…

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This morning I got down the box of Super Bowl decor from the garage rafters. As I was going through the container I realized that don’t really have anything good to put on the mantel.   I brainstormed for a little while and came up with an idea for a cool decoration. For less than […]

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We’ve waited a long time for crawfish to come back in season. Today Groomer’s Seafood had their first shipment of these delicious little crustaceans.  Of course we had to play with our food before we cooked it. Lily is the one who likes to purge them. I think it’s mostly because she gets to play […]