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I have tattoo fever again and I know exactly what I want. I had one problem though my idea involves sheet music from my all time favorite lyrics in a song. I went on eBay the other day and bought the sheet music to Reba McEntire’s album Read My Mind. This isn’t exactly a hot […]


This is kinda hard to admit but when I was a kid I grew up in a messy house. As an adult the messy kinda stuck with me but not as bad as when I was little. Once I hit about 25 I started caring about living in a clean house. Then over the last […]


My sister Vanessa has been a blogger since February 2008 and I have followed her since probably her first post. Now that I am thinking about it she might have been my blogging inspiration… who knows? If you go to Robertson Family Update you can check out what she has been up to. Vanessa and […]


Where oh where have I been this week? Home. I have been home in San Antonio doing what I do when no one is looking. I have actually been keeping myself quite busy. On Sunday JP left for Portland and I wasn’t feeling that well so I stayed here. I don’t think I was actually […]

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JP and I have slowly been working on some projects at home that we have talked about doing. If you have ever been in our garage then you know that it needs a lot of organization. I have gone out there a few times and tried to put things in order but it is kinda […]

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This morning we woke up bright and early and drove all the way from Little Rock, AR to San Antonio, TX. We stopped at the Arkansas/Texas border to get this picture. About two years ago we stopped at the same spot. Look how much bigger Lily is. About 30 miles north of Austin there is […]


Little Rock! Nope… I am not talking about the Reba McEntire song I am talking about the capital of Arkansas. Our plan this morning was to wake up bright and early and drive all the way back to San Antonio. But when my alarm went off at 5:00 AM I turned it off. At that […]


Lily has really long hair. I have tried to talk her into getting it cut but she refuses. Pretty much everyday I find myself combing it out for her and putting it up in some combination of rubber bands. This morning after I finished doing her hair she wanted me to do Lilly’s hair too. […]


Today Lily and I spent hours walking around the St Louis Zoo and the St Louis Science Center. Both have free admission but they have ways of making you spend money once you are inside. There is a Build-A-Bear inside the zoo that has animals exclusively sold there. Of course Lily had to get a […]

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This week is Lily’s Spring Break. We originally had plans to head to Cannon Beach, OR to hang out with JP’s parents for a few days but those plans fell through due to the price of tickets. SWA wanted about $900 per person… ummm, no thanks. Then JP found out a few days later that […]

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Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza? I’ll tell you something silly but amusing. When you order a pizza online have you ever noticed the space that says “special instructions”? The last three times I ordered pizza I have put “please draw a picture on the inside of the box” in that space. It worked the first […]

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Lily pay phone mariners

If you could make one phone call to your past self would you? What year would you call? What would you say? If I had the choice I think I would actually prefer my future self to call my current self.


I saw these today and they made me laugh. This is Lily all the way. And this is JP sometimes.

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Today was a pretty low-key day at our house. Lily had school and then went to her BFF’s house for a birthday party and sleepover. JP has been sick for a few days now… and without those two to amuse me I was on my own. Here is a summary of my day via SnapChat. […]

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Today Lily and I were at the airport waiting for JP when I realized that the t-shirt she was wearing used to be a night-shirt. When she first got it as a gift in May of 2008 it was really big on her. I went back into my archives and found pictures of her wearing […]

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A few months ago my good friend Angela moved from Florida to North Carolina. I have wanted to go visit her in North Carolina but I haven’t had any free time lately. When I finally had a couple of days free she told me she was gonna be home in Florida that weekend… what would […]

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if you see an arab on the street i obviously missed that one

Today I was standing in the airport security line behind this Marine and his dog. I was able to snap the picture in between showing my boarding pass and ID and putting my stuff through the scanners. Right after I snapped this picture security approached me and asked to see my ID and boarding pass […]

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Ahh the pool. Wouldn’t it be nice if the weather actually stayed warm enough for us to go swimming. For the last few days JP, Lily and I spent time cleaning out the garage and the pool house. We took a truck load of stuff to the dump and a truck load of stuff to […]

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Frank Ocean Quote

Lizzy is what we named the lizard from the accident this morning. She seemed to be in full health by the time Lily got home from school. We took her outside to the same spot that I found her. If you look carefully at the jar as Lily opens it you can see Lizzy jump […]

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The leaves that I told you about last week are falling even faster now so this morning I went outside to empty the skimmer. As I was doing that there was a light breeze blowing the leaves that are on the deck in to the water. So I did what seemed like the logical thing […]