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Today is the day! JP was out of town this week but he got back late last night just in time to celebrate his birthday. He opened a few cards. And the sign that we bought him. And of course we had cake. Happy Birthday JP! Like this:Like Loading…

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Lily is a sleeper. That girl loves to stay up late and night then sleep until late in the morning. This is where I found her at 10:00 this morning. School starts on August 25th this year and I think she is going to be in shock that morning. Like this:Like Loading…


It is no secret that Halloween is the best holiday of the year. And of course me being me I have thought (for months now) about what I want to wear this year. The tricky part of picking a costume is trying to get JP to wear something that goes along with my costume. I […]


I saw this today and it made me laugh. Like this:Like Loading…

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JP’s birthday is coming up and that means figuring out the perfect gift for him. It is not easy finding gifts for him because he never says that he wants anything. A couple of months ago I came up with a good idea though. I figured that since we have spent so much time cleaning […]


I read a lot of food blogs online looking for new cooking ideas. Lately I have been looking up different ideas for sandwiches. JP and Lily love BLT’s and a few days ago I saw an article about weaving bacon… yes, weaving bacon. First you will need to weave the bacon. Cut 3 slices of […]


On July 20th JP and I boarded a flight to Portland, OR. It was a quick three night trip then on to St Louis, MO to tie up some loose ends. Luckily my friend Nicole who lives in San Antonio was also flying to Portland that day. She was in Portland for a computer geek […]


Last month I got a phone call on a Sunday from Lily telling me that her hamster Chip died. When she called she was so sad and said “Chip is no longer with us. I am going to give her a proper burial”. When I saw her a few days later I asked her if […]

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I warned you. Seriously… it’s not to late to hit the back button. For the love of god… save yourself! Oh you’re still here? Well… this is gross. Really really gross. It’s not to late to turn back. Still here? OKAY… you’ve been warned. Earlier this week my next door neighbor told me that they […]

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My sister Vanessa sent me this picture last week. This is what we looked like in April 1980. Like this:Like Loading…

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My sister-in-law Joy tagged me in this picture today. I really think I need to take a trip to Alberta, Canada! Like this:Like Loading…

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The truck has had a crack in the windshield for a couple of years. Just recently it has really started growing. Yesterday I spent some time researching windshield prices. The first thing I looked up was our comprehensive insurance coverage. Yes, they cover it. Yes, it’s a $99 deductible. Do we want to risk a […]


Today Lily and I stopped by my friend Jenny’s house and she told me that she has a gift for me. A gift!! I love gifts!! Have you ever seen an avocado slicer? I think I need to go to the store and buy more avocados! Thanks Jenny! Like this:Like Loading…

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I love this picture of us that I snapped today. And I love this sign that is hanging in Michelle’s kitchen. Like this:Like Loading…

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So far this year we haven’t put the bird feeders out. Mostly because of the squirrels and partly because last year the grass below the feeder died. I assume the grass died because of all the bird poop and bird traffic but I am not 100% sure. For a few months now I have tried […]


We didn’t really do much today. I only took two pictures (for SnapChat) and a screen shot. Wanna see them? This is a screen shot from a TIME Magazine article. Good job San Antonio!! And here are my two SnapChats for the day. Like this:Like Loading…


Back in June 2010 I wrote a quick blog post about how excited I was to be moving to a house with a porch swing. Look how excited I was that day! So fast forward four years and I am just as happy. We have made a lot of memories on that swing over the […]

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Sit back and let me tell you a story about a palm tree. When we moved into this house in August of 2010 one of the first things I noticed in the backyard was a huge terracotta pot with a decent sized palm tree in it. It was in the foliage on the left side […]

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This morning we woke up bright and early and boarded a flight from Detroit, MI to San Antonio, TX. I was so excited when I saw that our airplane was one of the Southwest Airlines Specialty Planes. Did you know about these? This one is named Illinois One. Click here to see all the different […]

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This morning we woke up in West Virginia and headed out for the last leg of our road trip. We drove through Ohio. Other than stopping for lunch and once for gas we didn’t really do anything but drive. Oh I did see this sign on the wall in the restaurant. Then we made it […]

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We woke up this morning in Hershey, PA. Can you guess why we detoured to Hershey if we are headed to West Virginia? If you said it was to go see Hershey Chocolate World then you are correct. This place has been on my to see list for a long time. The whole town of […]