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We spent a day in Tacoma at my sister Zerah’s house and spent some time with Zane and Owen. Saying that these kids are cute does not begin to describe it. They are cute and they are also a handful! The business of training little humans is no joke. This is the first picture ever […]


Did you know that one of the nicknames for Seattle is The Emerald City? I believe the reason it is called that is because of the lush green trees. I lived in Seattle for 10+ years and I am still in awe of how big and tall the trees are. When Lily and I woke […]


I had this idea a few weeks ago and on Christmas Eve I set it into motion. I emailed pretty much everyone in my address book and posted on my facebook asking people to send me a picture that they took this Christmas. Thanks to everyone who helped make this posting possible! I am not […]

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We never even turned the camera on today so today’s pictures are from two of my siblings.  They both live in Tacoma, WA. Here is Zerah & Zane. I think this picture is adorable! Can you see my brother Pauly in this picture? He was on television! Here is a clue: He is wearing a […]

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My sister Zerah, and her husband Sean, had a baby today. His name is Zane Elliott Florance and he was born at Tacoma General around 5am and came in weighing just over 7lbs.  Congratulations Zerah and Sean!