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I went floating down the river with a few friends today. As always we had a fabulous time!


Man I am horrible about updating lately. I guess I don’t really have all that much to say. Here are a few things that were on my mind this week. Have you ever looked at your weather app and wondered what the symbol meant? I have no idea what Thursday’s symbol is for. But then […]

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We have had a tough winter here in San Antonio. It’s been way colder this year than any other year that I remember. I mean it was below freezing all day today. ALL DAY! Thankfully I noticed it yesterday. I went outside and covered all of our citrus babies in C9 Christmas lights. Then after […]

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I am really glad that we protected our citrus trees last night.

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I watch the local weather like a hawk. Last year around this time a night freeze in San Antonio killed our beloved lime tree. Luckily both the orange tree and the grapefruit tree survived that frost. I am not taking anymore chances. Today I saw this and knew that I had to go put lights […]

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This is how our morning weather has been for the last few days. The sky looks angry then it rains for about ohh 30 seconds. Then it dries up and the blue sky appears. Then the sky looks angry again and it rains for about ohh 30 seconds. The same thing over and over again. […]


It was a rainy day in Portland, OR today. But that didn’t stop me from walking to my all time favorite food cart. The Whole Bowl is vegetarian and only serves one item. If you are ever in the mood for a vegetarian rice bowl then this place is a MUST. I think the Tali […]


This morning JP and I hopped on a flight from St Louis to Portland with a short layover in Denver. After we boarded our flight in Denver they told us that because of severe weather in Portland there is a chance our flight might get diverted to another city. I really wanted them to send […]

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Very early this morning I was packing and getting ready to leave for the airport when I heard something outside hitting the windows. I assumed it was rain so I didn’t really think anything of it right away. Then when I looked outside I saw this. Holy crap it is snowing in San Antonio, TX! […]

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We had summer for a day here in San Antonio. It was warm enough to put on a bikini and vacuum the pool. I even talked JP into taking a break from working for an hour or so to soak up a little Vitamin D with me. Yup! Our tan lines are back… sorta.

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This picture is from last weekend but it makes me laugh when I see it. Can you guess which one is use to temperatures in the north and which one is use to temperatures in the south? And here is a picture of Lily in a tree… that’s it.

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This morning we woke up bright and early to catch our flight from Portland back home to San Antonio. On the way to the airport I received a notification on my phone that the schools in San Antonio are closed today due to severe weather. What? Check out what it said on my weather app […]

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Everyone is talking about the polar vortex that is on its way to the US. Meanwhile here in San Antonio, TX today it was 80° so I put on my bikini and vacuumed the pool. Life was good for a day!

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While we had a beautiful 70° day today here in San Antonio my friends in Seattle were not so lucky. Early this morning a dear friend of mine sent me this picture with the caption “I am gonna be late to work today”. Then she sent this one. And this one. And this one. Before […]

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We woke up early this morning and when we got into the rental car the dashboard said 3°. I really have no idea how people live through this day after day. This just confirms the multiple conversations that JP and I have had about living in a warm climate for the rest of our lives. […]

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JP and I flew to St Louis, MO today and encountered our first snow of the year. I did not add that falling snow to this picture… googles picasa did. I really wish we were in Florida with Angela instead. Well played Florida.. well played.  

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It is a cold cold cold day in San Antonio. I am not okay with this. I told Lily to go get dressed so that we could go run some errands and this is what he put on. Please note what is on her feet… the only pair of warm boots that I own. UGG!

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What is this? 32°? Not cool Texas… not cool at all.

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All night last night I kept waking up because I could hear loud thunder and I could hear rain beating against the windows. Finally at like 8:00 am even though I was tired I just couldn’t sleep so I got out of bed. Not to long later Lily came downstairs and asked why I was […]

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Last night I was in dreamland when all of a sudden something woke me up. I laid in bed and looked out the window at the hard rain hitting the glass. I could also hear thunder and see lightning. Then as I was drifting back to sleep the rain started hitting the glass on the […]

how to make shrimp tacos southwest

I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped outside to go grocery shopping this morning. Yes… this is the winter that I know and love! While I was shopping and trying to decide what to make for lunch I walked past the seafood counter. This made me start thinking about shrimp. There are so many things […]