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I went floating down the river with a few friends today. As always we had a fabulous time!

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So for a long time JP and I have had a joke about how everything we learned from cartoons is a lie. Today I have a really good example. Lily and I were driving through our neighborhood after school when we saw the aftermath of a two car accident. One of the cars in the […]

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One of the best things to do in Texas when its hot is float down the river. Sure Texas is in a stage two or three drought but there is still water in the rivers. We have floated the Comal River and the San Marcos River. We like the San Marcos a lot better than […]

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This morning my niece Ayla met us at the apartment and then we set out on an adventure. Our destination was Multnomah Falls. Until today I had no idea about the history behind Highway 30. This is what Wikipedia has to say about it. The Historic Columbia River Highway is an approximately 75-mile (120 km) scenic […]

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This morning Lily and I drove to Wilsonville, OR to pick up my niece Laura and her two kids. Then we all headed out for the long drive to the Pacific Ocean. The only two beach towns that I have been to in Oregon are Seaside and Cannon Beach. Everyone wanted to see Haystack Rock […]

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All night last night I kept waking up because I could hear loud thunder and I could hear rain beating against the windows. Finally at like 8:00 am even though I was tired I just couldn’t sleep so I got out of bed. Not to long later Lily came downstairs and asked why I was […]

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Since Lily has the week off of school we wanted to take advantage of the time we have. Her dad dropped her off around 9:00 am and by 9:15 am we had the car packed and we were rolling down the driveway. I told her as we were packing that if it didn’t fit in […]

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San Marcos River Don's Dons Fish Camp 2012 tubing tubeing toobing I35 I-35

Because I grew up in the north when I hear the word tubing I think of a cold sport. Kinda like in this picture of me tubing at The Summit at Snoqualmie Pass. But now that I live in the south it has taken on a completely different meaning. It is a warm sport around […]

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I know that it is still spring and summer is still 10 days away but hanging out here you would never know that. Today was our first 100° day! The weather will probably be like this for the next 3 months or so… HOT! If your in the area bring your bathing suit and go […]

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Last Sunday my iPhone fell in the bathtub. Your first question is probably “Who brings their phone in the bathtub with them?”. So in order to avoid that question I will tell you what really happened. I woke up that morning knowing that Angela had a 6:00am flight. I looked at the clock and it […]

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The nights here in South Texas are starting to cool down. It has been dropping into the 70’s *gasp* at night. This morning while Lily was getting ready I walked outside to check the temperature. It was kinda balmy and like 75 or so degrees. About 10 mintues later I told Lily it was time […]

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If you remember back in April I told you guys about how bad I have been neglecting our plants. A lot has changed since then especially for the plants. Here is a picture from April’s posting about them. And here is a picture from today. It is pretty obvious which one is better. I have […]


Lily’s two best friends were at our house my 5:30pm. They were all very excited and ready to start the fun. Adeline knows me so well because once she got there she said “So Rose, what fun things do you have planned for us today?”. Do you know what I love about these girls? They […]

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I had a early morning flight to meet JP out in San Francisco, CA for a couple days. As you know there are barely any direct flights to anywhere from San Antonio so I had to lay-over in Las Vegas, NV. Everything was going well until about 10 minutes before we were suppose to board. […]


This morning I woke up around 10:00 am and knew I was suppose to be at the wedding hall by 10:30am to help decorate for tomorrow so I had to step on it. I got dressed hopped in my rental car and I was off. When I got there everyone was busy decorating. Staying true to […]


As promised our favorite plumbers from A-Tex Plumbing showed up today . I wasn’t actually home when they first got there but when I pulled up at home this is what I saw. It was 100°+ outside so I guess this was the best they could do to get some shade out there. When I […]


It all started a couple months ago when I noticed a little water spot on the master bedroom ceiling. I mentioned it to JP and he went upstairs and looked and sure enough the same spot was on the ceiling on the second floor. We also had an issue with a puddle in our side yard […]


There is no better way to end a hot day then to hang out in the pool at home with your friends. Everybody say CHEESE! It never fails. The kids always love playing with the water proof camera. I had to show everyone my best… err, cannon ball? And after telling him it could NOT be […]


A: When you are talking about the military. When we were in Port Townsend we had a little bit of time to kill until we had to be back at the ferry dock so we decided to go take a look at Fort Worden State Park. I have been there one other time when I […]


We had a huge day today! We took almost 500 pictures and did lots and lots of stuff so I have to break up the postings a little bit so I can talk about everything so bear with me! We left the house around 7:00am to catch the 8:45 sailing at the Coupeville Ferry Dock. […]


This morning our big plan was to drive over to Whidbey Island and take the ferry over to Port Townsend which is on the Olympic Peninsula. Our first stop was in Anacortes, WA to see a little place called Mt Erie. Oh and evidently you have to beware of owls and dusk at dawn. The […]