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I channeled my inner teenage boy today. It is no secret that I love video games… and now I have a new favorite game. I can only play it when Lily isn’t around though. This game is super racist and cusses non-stop.


Way back in 1996 Nintendo came out with a game console named Nintendo 64. It was a must have during its time. These days we have Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 to keep us entertained but both of those game consoles require lots of movement on the players part. I was telling JP this morning […]

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I don’t really have anything to report today. It rained! We took Lily and Cameron to the movies to see Big Miracle. The movie was a lot better than i expected and it makes me want to look up and see if it really is based on a true story. Plus I am a HUGE […]


Remember that rain that I told you about on Friday? Well it also happened on Saturday in other parts of town… maybe not at our house but definitely in San Antonio. This past Friday Selena went with me to pick up the t-shirts for our new softball season that was starting today. Our t-shirt this […]


Today it was like Christmas day at our house. We have been talking about updating our game counsel for awhile now and today was the day. We went to Best Buy and made a major purchase! Here is JP about to take it out of the box. It only comes with 1 controller so we […]


My sisters best friend Sarah has a confrence here in San Antonio next week. She booked her travel to come into town a few days early and spent some time with us. We were all hungry so we headed to a restaurant down the street. Sarah and I say CHEESE! Since she was in Texas Sarah had to have some […]