A Not So Daily Dose of Daisy
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Before today I have only eaten an artichoke three times in my life. I mean an actual artichoke not the dips that you order in restaurants or the stuff you buy in the jars. The first time I had one was in the summer of 2010 when a friend made them for us when she […]


Have you ever seen or used one of these before? When I was a kid my Mom had one so I kinda thought that everyone had one. Over the last couple months at least 4 people have told me that they have never seen a tomato slicer before. How do people without a tomato slicer […]


Remember those plants I told you we planted a few weeks ago? They are growing like crazy! I took some pictures today when I was watering them. I don’t think I told you before but in a big planter in the yard we are attempting to grow tomatoes, strawberries and cilantro. They were very small when we started. Here is […]


One of the last times Amanda came to visit she made us steamed artichokes. That day both Lily and I discovered that we love them. Sure it is a lot of work scraping the artichoke out of leaves but it tastes so wonderful! When Lily found out she was coming to visit again she said […]