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When I moved to San Antonio a little over 3 years ago I didn’t bring much with me. Once I decided I was moving I got rid of everything. I brought like 4 boxes of personal stuff like pictures and what not and then the rest of my car was stuffed full of clothing, shoes and jackets. […]


It has recently come to light that neither JP nor I deny that we sometimes have a procastination problem. Have you ever noticed that on this website you have never seen any pictures taken upstairs besides in Lily’s room? Well things are changing because we had a GSD day! GSD is what we tell each […]


Today we started putting up our christmas lights outside. Here is a picture of the lights we have to work with. We didn’t have to buy a single strand of lights this year. Here is Lily helping to put lights on the tree. And me wrapping them on the railings. It was JP’s job to do […]


The other day when I was looking through JP’s Christmas stuff in the garage I found this wreath. I have never really been a big fan of wreaths but I really like this one. I especially love the little vintage angels! And the little Santa Clauses. I totally plan on putting this one out on the […]


We are slowly getting things put where they belong in our new house. Today it was decided that this would go well in the master bathroom. We will use the inside to store bath products. JP bought this a few years ago at a store called Second Use off of 1st Avenue in Seattle. Here is a […]


One of my favorite things about our new house is the master bathroom. The first time I walked into the bathroom I said outloud “I can do a cartwheel in here”. I haven’t actually done the cartwheel but I am confident that I could. When you walk into the bathroom on the far wall there is a […]


Our house is slowly getting put together. I am excited to post pictures of the house but I am holding off until more of our stuff makes it into their correct places (boxes of stuff, furniture, etc). For now let’s talk about electricity. Did you know that JP has a degree in Electrical Engineering? This […]

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The first load of stuff made it over to the new house today. Big thanks to Amanda, J9 and Lily who spent all day packing stuff up! At the new house Lily was outside in the backyard when we heard her start crying. She said she stepped on a wasp! No one actually saw said […]

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I can’t tell you how how I know, but I do know that the players on the San Antonio Spurs have their own personalized luggage. I took this picture today! This is a picture of Iam Mahinmi’s suitcases. We also saw lots of shoe boxes.. he wears a size 14 shoe. J9 tried on his […]


Today we did more unpacking … I am not sure if we will ever be done. In my few days of unpacking all of his stuff I have seen a bunch of cool things .. but this really impressed me. The box was marked “Master Clothing” and it was about chest high on me. I […]


I was totally JP’s slave today. My goal was to unpack the boxes that the movers put in the kitchen. This is what it looked like when I started. This is what it looked like when I gave up 8 hours later! And is this the pile, no mountain, of packing paper that was wrapped […]