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If you look at the tabs at the top of the page you will see various other pages that I try to keep updated. My favorite tab besides BofC is my I Was Where? tab. I finally took the time to update my map! I am at 42 of 50 states right now. By the […]

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Since we took such a late flight last night we didn’t get to the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland, OR until around midnight. After we checked-in at the desk and had our keys we took the elevator to our room on the 9th floor. As we were walking down the hall I told JP that […]

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JP and I spent the last few days in Atlanta, GA… AKA: Hotlanta. According to Urban Dictionary: A common nickname for Atlanta popularized throughout the United States and abroad for over two decades by the marketing efforts of the Atlanta Convention Bureau and various trade and tourist organizations. The “Hot” in “Hotlanta” refers to the […]

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How come no one ever says “TGIT”? So we are in Denver and I totally planned ahead when I packed for this trip. Does anyone still remember that the Seattle Seahawks beat up the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl this year? Yes, the answer is yes they do! I went into Starbucks this morning […]

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This morning JP had meetings in the morning but a few hours to spare in the afternoon. Before he left this morning he asked what I wanted to do today. The marketing from the 80′s and 90′s must have worked because I asked him where Golden, CO is. He told me to look into it […]


This afternoon JP and I got on a flight to Denver, CO. Checking the weather before heading somewhere in the middle of April doesn’t seem necessary. Well… it is! This is a SnapChat that I sent. And this is what it looked like on our drive from Denver International Airport to the Hotel Monaco in […]

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The corporate headquarters for the company that JP works for is in Monroe, LA. Yes… Monroe, LA of all places. When he told me last week that he needed to be there this week I was all about going with him. I mean I love to travel and see new things. You can make the […]

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This morning JP and I got on a flight to Portland, OR. Just for the record noise canceling head phones are amazing. I don’t think I have ever told you guys this before but when they come around with snacks I always ask for pretzels instead of peanuts. I happened to have a bag of […]

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I bet you can guess what we did today. If not here is a clue.  


This morning JP and I hopped on a flight from St Louis to Portland with a short layover in Denver. After we boarded our flight in Denver they told us that because of severe weather in Portland there is a chance our flight might get diverted to another city. I really wanted them to send […]

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If you have ever traveled with me then you already know… I am a underpacker. And sometimes (most of the time) I don’t really even pack at all. If I am traveling with JP I will throw a few things in his suitcase, put my makeup bag in my purse and that is it. I […]


Last night JP and I took a late flight from San Antonio, TX to Portland, OR. We almost always stay at Kimpton Hotels and since there are three of them in Portland we tried a different one this time. Check out the view from just outside the doors this morning. Portland is so beautiful. On […]

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On Sunday JP and I flew to Portland, OR because he has to be there for work this week. Check out my new iPhone case. And how appropriate is my sweatshirt. We always try to stay at Kimpton Hotels when we travel. If you ask for a pet goldfish when you check in they will […]

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On our way from St Louis to Nashville yesterday we saw a sign for a town named Metropolis. Yes… there is a town named Metropolis so we had to stop. The first thing I noticed is that the population of Metropolis has declined. But we were able to see Superman. And Clark Kent and Lois […]

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Yesterday afternoon we got in the car with our friend Amanda and roadtripped to Nashville, TN for the night. She told us a couple of weeks ago she was going to drive down there for one night to go to a going away party for a friend of hers. You know us… always up for […]

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Today we packed up our stuff and headed home. JP booked our flights through United Airlines so when we got to the airport (about 2 hours early) we headed to the United Airlines counter. At the United Airlines counter they told us we needed to go to the Japan Air counter because we were re-booked […]

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I have another day on my own while JP is in his conference and since I have mastered the train and bus system I figured that it’s time to figure out the ferry system. There are lots of different places to go to via the ferry but in my guide book Lamma Island seemed like […]

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After Tai O we got back on the bus and they took us back to Ngong Ping Village where we began our walking tour. There is so much to see here and I have so many pictures that it was hard to narrow it down but here goes. Check out this sign showing how far […]

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The whole reason we are in Hong Kong is for the OpenStack 2013 Summit. Okay actually that is the reason JP is here, I am here to play tourist. JP headed to his conference and his day looked something like this. My day on the other hand was a lot more exciting. I hopped on […]

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On Saturday morning we flew from San Antonio, TX to San Francisco, CA then to Hong Kong, China. Due to the time change and the International Date Line we landed on Sunday evening around like 7:00 PM. Both of us were so tired that all we wanted to do was go to our hotel room. […]


Today is the day! Today is the day that I am getting my passport stamped for the first time.  First we flew from San Antonio to San Francisco. Then we used Travelex in San Francisco to get some foreign currency. Then we got our passports ready. And waited in line to get on this airplane. […]