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JP and I flew to Las Vegas for a few days to check on some wedding stuff. Maybe the wedding things were an excuse but we did see tour the chapel at Planet Hollywood. And we toured our reception area.  The rest of the time it was all party, all the time. And gambling of course.  We […]


This morning we packed up the truck and headed from San Antonio to Fort Davis. Tomorrow we are dropping Lily off for a week at horse camp. We’ve driven through west Texas a few times but we have never really stopped and it has never been a destination until today. We were not really sure […]

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Yesterday JP had a flight from San Antonio, TX to Houston, TX to Monroe, LA. His plane was delayed out of San Antonio so by the time he got to Houston the next plane had already left without him. He called me around 5:00 and told me that he was stuck in Houston for the […]

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I already mentioned one of the places that I went to in Houston. Here are a few of the other places that I found on my RoadsideAmerica app. I stopped at these place on my drive from Houston back to San Antonio.  This one is Hillendahl Family Cemetery. It’s in the corner of a parking […]

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Portland Rain

Here are a few things that I took pictures of this week in Portland. 

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JP and I are both big fans of New Orleans, LA. We spent the last few days there having fun, eating good food, and meeting new people.  My friends make fun of me for this but it is always a good idea to write your hotel room number on your arm before you head out […]

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I haven’t mentioned it in a little while but JP still goes to Portland, OR every week. And I still go with him a lot. I don’t go every week but I go often. I wasn’t going to go this week but at the last minute I decided to join him.  I have mentioned before […]


This morning Lily and I woke up and went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Lily loves pancakes. Luckily low tide was around 9:30 AM so we were able to look for more sea creatures. And the sun was finally coming out so it was nice and warm. We found lots of crab both […]

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This morning Lily and I slept in a little bit and then checked out of our hotel and hit the road. Our first stop was Forks, WA because Lily is a big fan of the Twilight movies. While most of the movies were not actually filmed there that is where they are said to live. […]

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This morning Lily and I woke up while Stephanie was making us breakfast. I am not sure if I have ever told you this before but Stephanie is a woman of many talents and cooking is definitely one of them. After breakfast we played beauty shop with Stephanie’s waxing kit. Then Lily and I hit […]

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This afternoon JP, Lily and I boarded a flight to Portland, OR. It is Day 70 of Lily’s Not Bummer Summer. School starts again on 8/25 so we had time for one more vacation. This is what Lily looked like on an airplane almost exactly 6 years ago. Time sure does fly (do you see […]


On July 20th JP and I boarded a flight to Portland, OR. It was a quick three night trip then on to St Louis, MO to tie up some loose ends. Luckily my friend Nicole who lives in San Antonio was also flying to Portland that day. She was in Portland for a computer geek […]

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My sister-in-law Joy tagged me in this picture today. I really think I need to take a trip to Alberta, Canada!

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This morning we woke up bright and early and boarded a flight from Detroit, MI to San Antonio, TX. I was so excited when I saw that our airplane was one of the Southwest Airlines Specialty Planes. Did you know about these? This one is named Illinois One. Click here to see all the different […]

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This morning we woke up in West Virginia and headed out for the last leg of our road trip. We drove through Ohio. Other than stopping for lunch and once for gas we didn’t really do anything but drive. Oh I did see this sign on the wall in the restaurant. Then we made it […]

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We woke up this morning in Hershey, PA. Can you guess why we detoured to Hershey if we are headed to West Virginia? If you said it was to go see Hershey Chocolate World then you are correct. This place has been on my to see list for a long time. The whole town of […]

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We spent A LOT of time in the car today… A LOT. We started in Corolla, NC and ended up in Hershey, PA by way of Dover, DE. The drive is only 400 miles but it took us over 8 hours because we were on a two lane highway the whole way through Delaware. Hello […]

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We spent the last couple of days in North Carolina. My good friend Angela just moved from Florida to North Carolina so her and Chris were able to hang out with us. We stayed at their place in Mt Olive the first night then we moved on to the coast of North Carolina. The only […]

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About an hour after Lily boarded her flight to Detroit, MI JP and I boarded a flight to Charleston, SC. We have a plan all mapped out and the primary objective is to cross states off of our list. We’re starting in South Carolina and ending in the Detroit, MI area. Charleston is a cute […]

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If you look at the tabs at the top of the page you will see various other pages that I try to keep updated. My favorite tab besides BofC is my I Was Where? tab. I finally took the time to update my map! I am at 42 of 50 states right now. By the […]