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Today I ventured over the river to the east side of Portland to check out something that I found on the RoadsideAmerica app on my iPhone. Here is what they say about it on RoadsideAmerica (to see the full website click here). A museum of toys. It has to be all candy-sweet charm and rainbow-colored […]

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I was walking through Target the other day when this caught my eye! I’ve never seen her name on a ballot but I would totally vote for her. The back of the box says: Barbie I Can Be… dolls and accessories let girls explore different roles and try on fabulous careers, including President of the […]


When I moved to San Antonio a little over 3 years ago I didn’t bring much with me. Once I decided I was moving I got rid of¬†everything.¬†I brought like 4 boxes of personal stuff like pictures and what not and then the rest of my car was stuffed full of clothing, shoes and jackets. […]