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Every holiday JP’s mom sends Lily a package. And every time Lily is super excited to open it up. For the last few weeks I have helped my friend Liz go through all of her things in preparation for her move across the country. She gave us three of the signs that she had at […]


Linda sent me flowers today to say thank you for the other day. Is that not the sweetest thing ever? Inside the card it says that the teddy bear is for Lily. Thank you Linda!!

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Every year my sister Vanessa makes a calendar full of pictures from the previous year and send them out to all of my brothers and sisters. Actually… I am not sure if she sends them to all of us but at least most of us. She might even send them to nieces and nephews… I […]


I have two people that I need to say thank you to for making our Halloween memorable. The first thank you is to an unnamed person. I seriously have no idea who to thank for the tombstone that showed up in our graveyard. I don’t know who you are but I love the new tombstone. […]

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Check out the awesome coffee cup that JP brought me back from London!

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Lily was combing through my website looking for a certain post. Once she was done she looked at me and asked why I never posted her big leaves on here. So per her request I am sending out a huge Thank You to Stephanie. It all started a couple of months ago when the weather […]


Earlier today JP and I were home alone and the door bell rang. He looked at me and asked if I was expecting someone. Thinking it was a salesmen (which we seem to get a lot of considering we live in a gated community) I opened the door and to my surprise there was a […]

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Don’t you love it when you know that someone is thinking about you? My friend Angela recently went on an amazing trip to Portugal. She sent me a Starbucks cup from Lisboa. When I first saw the coffee cup I said to myself  “Where is Lisboa?” I had never even heard of it. This is […]


Ever since this whole experience with my gallbladder I have been asked the same question over and over again “How are you feeling?”. I will tell you how I am feeling. I feel like I was stabbed in my stomach a bunch of times. It hurts to laugh and I have to walk really slow […]


Most people check their mail every day, but we don’t. I am guessing that if our mailbox was attached to our house we probably would but it is actually about a 1/2 block away like everyone else in our neighborhood. I have actually had people ask me if I got something in the mail from […]

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When I checked the mail today among the regular mail we had received two packages. The first one was from Powell’s Books. Awhile back JP signed up for their subscription club so they send us a package every 6 weeks with something new. The club is named Indiespensable. In ever package we get a signed […]

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For the last few days I have been hoping to hear a knock on the door from the UPS driver. Last weekend I ordered one of my Halloween costumes online and I have been patiently waiting for it to get here. I used 2 day delivery but since I ordered it on Saturday I think […]


I was at home alone today during the middle of the day and the door bell rang. This is weird for two reasons. First reason is I wasn’t expecting anyone and secondly because we live in a gated neighborhood and in the last year and a half only one person has came to the door […]


After dinner we headed home to open birthday presents! Do these people know me, or what? Wow did I feel lucky when I saw Coach and Tiffany & Co. sitting on the table! The first thing I did was blow out my candles. 33 years old! I love this little girl! Oooohhhh I knew when […]


#1 – I am not sure if you ever click on my other pages above. See the one that says “BofC”? I just updated it today so go ahead and click on it again! #2 – Yesterday I was on the phone with my brother and he said he was working in Boston, Massachusetts this week. I […]


Since Lily always goes back to her Dad on Saturday evenings we decided to do our Valentine gifts today. Here is our pile of loot. The gift bags are from JP and the yellow package came in the mail from JP’s parents. Lily got an awesome bracelet from JP’s parents and some jewelry from us. I think […]


Yesterday was MLK Day and today was Daisy Day! I totally planned on sleeping in a little bit today to enjoy my last day off of work for awhile… but… yep, you guessed it I was awake already. Around 8am JP brought me a cup of coffee in bed and a bagel as I was […]


I asked Lily to give me two words to describe Christmas Day and she said “awesome” and “wonderful”. She had no idea she was getting a laptop. Something that we learned from Lily is that if you don’t recognize the brand name you will have no idea what is inside the box. We love love love to get presents […]


A couple days ago JP’s Mom Marlene told me that she mailed us a Pre-Christmas package and it was ok to open it before Christmas. I saved it for Lily to open today. When I handed her the package she read it to herself and said “Ooooh I know who this is from!” and she started to open […]


The company that I work for is a big supporter of United Way. Every year to go along with our United Way campaign we do Days of Caring. Our company gives us 8 volunteer hours a year and most people use it for Days of Caring. You can read more about volunteering here. The team […]


When I was a kid we had a really bad hair cutting experience. I guarantee if you ask my sister Vanessa right now what I am talking about she knows exactly.  She also remembers sporting the boy cut for a number of years. As as adult I am still not that fond of getting my hair cut. Some […]