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A few times a year I go through our DVR and add new shows… or delete shows that didn’t catch our attention. I am a week late but I finally did it this morning. I highlighted all of the shows that we will be watching in blue. Here is a breakdown of the TV premieres for 2014, […]

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I have told you guys a bunch of times that we are TV crazy. I made a deal with myself a long time ago that if I want to watch TV during the day I have to be folding laundry. After spending hours cleaning today I had 5 loads of laundry to fold and a […]

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I confess that JP and I are TV junkies. Every couple of weeks I comb through the tv listings online to find new shows to add to the DVR. If it is new and seems fairy amusing we will at least give it a chance and watch the pilot. Sure a lot of shows get […]

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Back in December I told you guys that we were contacted by Nielsen to do a survey about our television watching. I did the survey back then and evidently they liked our answers because they contacted us again. This time they called and asked me a series of questions. The woman on the phone told […]

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I have told you guys before that we watch a lot of TV. Our DVR records, records, records. We don’t always watch everything we record but we watch most of it. Here is the premier calendar for January 2013. I put little pink arrows next to the shows that we will be watching. The best […]

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Everyone has heard of Nielsen Ratings, right? I have always wondered who the people are that they collect the information from. A few weeks ago I got a postcard in the mail asking me to keep an eye out for a big blue and white envelope from them. Today the big blue and white envelope […]

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I have told you guys before that we like television. Pretty much 98% of the television we watch is either on the DVR or On-Demand… occasionally, though very rarely we will watch live TV. The best part is that we have AT&T U-verse which can record up to 4 shows at once. Recording 4 shows […]


Since we have a new DVR I have to go back through and find all of the shows I like to watch. I played with it for awhile today and it proved pretty challenging because a bunch of shows are on the holiday break already.   Here’s your guide to all new and returning Mid-Season TV […]

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For the last year or so I have been wanting to dump Time Warner Cable. Unfortunately the only service available in our area is Time Warner or Dish Network. I waited and waited in hopes that AT&T would come into our area. When I was in the AT&T store a couple months ago getting my […]

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Angela had an errand to run today so I went with her. I told her that there was a place nearby that had a good burger joint inside of it so we should go there for lunch. When we got there we discovered that the burger place was no longer there. While we were sitting […]

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We are TV crazy around here and it is that exciting time of the tv season again! Everything is starting up in the next few weeks. I spent a little while today programming the dvr! Thank god the days of VHS are over. Here is a complete list of shows that you might be interested in. […]


I love laying in bed and watching tv. We have a bunch of tv shows that we really like but this is one of our ultimate favorites right now. Does anyone else watch it?


Have you ever wondered what my favorite TV show is? A couple years ago JP asked me about my favorite show and has been teasing me ever since that the show doesn’t exist because he had never heard of it. The other day when we were in Barnes & Noble I special ordered Season 1. […]