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For a few years I have thought about getting a cool sticker for my laptop. I finally ordered a few and they came in the mail today. Check out my new sticker! And I let Lily pick which one she wanted for hers. Naturally she picked the camera. 


What do you do when you are on an airplane? This is what me and Lily will be doing. On our way home from Best Buy I told Lily we have to figure out what DS actually stands for. Right away she called out “digital” and then we went through a few S’s before we […]


Today is flu shot day at work. I went downstairs, got in line, filled out the form, and waited for my turn. As soon as they called me back I asked the girl if I could take a picture. She started laughing and then looked at me and said “Wait… are you serious?”. Here is […]


Have you ever wondered what my favorite TV show is? A couple years ago JP asked me about my favorite show and has been teasing me ever since that the show doesn’t exist because he had never heard of it. The other day when we were in Barnes & Noble I special ordered Season 1. […]


When we got our iPhones a couple months ago we also bought the protective cases that they were selling in the store. I have made no secret of the fact that I am very good and breaking phones. Today I accidentally tested my protective case. I was walking down the steps at work and the […]


It is no secret that it is pretty hot in Texas. Actually no it is really hot! But do you wanna know what else is really freakin hot? The inside of a parked car. Did you know that a car’s interior will heat up by an average of 40º F within one hour of being parked? Even […]


Thanks to my favorite computer geek in the whole world I got a new computer today! The last one I had started acting funny and the keys didn’t type what they were suppose to! p.s. Check out J9’s new website at www.j9rocks.com it is under construction but will end up pretty cool!


A couple weeks ago JP and me went and bought a new washer and dryer at Lowe’s. This past Sunday they came to install them but the installer didn’t know how to change the doors so that they would open in the direction that we wanted them to. Today another guy from Lowe’s came and […]


Welcome to Music Monday at our house! I hope you are a Beatles fan because here is the Beatles Yellow Submarine Jukebox. Acording to the internet there are only 20 of them! The design is very cool and it has all of the characters from the Beatles’ movie. It also has cool bubble tubes that run along each side of it (I tried to take […]

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I have been researching cameras for the last few weeks. I found the one I wanted and I ordered it yesterday afternoon around 4pm on amazon.com. I paid about $9 in shipping to have it sent 2nd day to my work. Imagine my surprise when it showed up today around 1oam!! That is less than 24 hour shipping!! […]

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Lily woke early this morning (6am) with a fever. I gave her a cold wash cloth, some childrens tylenol and some water then she went back to sleep. Now its barely 8am and she is awake again and wanting to watch tv. Oh how I love Hulu.com! She can watch cartoons while I watch whatever I […]