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Lily asks me all the time if I will take her to the neighborhood pool. In the last three years I have taken her exactly one time (if you don’t count all the times she has gone there for swim team). I always tell her that we have a perfectly good pool in our backyard. […]

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One of the great things about living in San Antonio is that it stays warm a lot longer than the rest of the country. While most of our northern friends are putting on their coats and turning on their heaters… we are putting on our bathing suit and going in the pool! If you are […]

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Did you know that first day of fall is already here? When most people think about fall they think about the leaves changing colors, turning the heat on in your house, and football season. Well here in South Texas it is a little different! We celebrated the first night of fall with a swim in […]

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Lily had another swim meet this morning. Check out the cool temporary tattoo they put on her. Doesn’t she look tough? Here she is taking off in her 25m Backstroke. Every week the parents volunteer to do different things and this week I was assigned to work the concession stand. This was by far my […]

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Lily had her first swim meet today. She placed 4th in the 25m Freestyle and 2nd in the 25m Backstroke. The 2nd place finish was about a half second behind 1st place! I think the best part was watching her run my direction with the red ribbon in her hand right after she was done […]

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Lily has been going to swimming every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for the last 4 weeks. Today they had the “time trials” in preparation for their first meet next week. Here are all of the Vineyard Vipers. I volunteered at the ready bench which meant making sure the kids were waiting in the right […]

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Ever since we moved into this neighborhood Lily has been telling me she wants to be on the swim team. I took her down to get her signed up and it was $75. Not a big deal but once I had all the paper work filled out they pointed me toward another table and said […]


Today we headed out to Independence Lake which is very near Vanessa’s house here in Whitmore Lake. It’s a pretty nice park that has beach access, a rock climb thing, paddle boat rentals, a concession stand, bathrooms, a splash zone and a playground. Before we left home Vanessa made hamburger patties to bbq for lunch. […]

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There are lots of things you can do to make an 8 year old tired and ready for bed. One that works every single time is swimming. Swimming has always made Lily tired no matter if its in a pool or on the beach. Today after work me and Lily head to the club to […]


For a couple weeks we have been talking about getting fish for the fountain in the backyard! Today was the day. We are the proud new owners of 17 new fish and a bunch of bling for the fountain. Here they are waiting to come out of the bag. We finally released them! Lily has […]