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When I saw Stephanie last week she brought me a present. I love love love surprise presents. It is very obvious that she reads my blog because look what she got me! If you remember back in July I put these on my wish list. The packaging they came in has the funniest description. The […]

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This November will be the 2 year anniversary for this website. I have posted almost every day since 11/29/2009 when my webmaster JP set it up for me! I have an idea for what to do on 11/29/11 to celebrate but it is going to take some time to gather all of the information. I also […]


Today I was outside watering the plants on the deck with I heard something shuffling through the foliage out in the yard. I knew it was big because I could totally hear the leaves going crunch, crunch, crunch. Usually when I post pictures of the backyard you see the pool. Well if you are on […]


As promised our favorite plumbers from A-Tex Plumbing showed up today . I wasn’t actually home when they first got there but when I pulled up at home this is what I saw. It was 100°+ outside so I guess this was the best they could do to get some shade out there. When I […]


This morning Lily discovered Easter baskets near the front door. So exciting! There where lots of goodies in each basket but I think everyones favorite things where either the bathings suits or the personalized towels. Look mine says Daisy on it! Once the baskets were picked through Lily looked at us and said “I wonder […]


I have told you before that I like sugar. I really really like sugar so it only makes sense that I would like candy. Yes, I love love love candy! I am not sure if candy is the reason I like Halloween so much but I am sure that somehow it all makes sense eventually. […]


Today is day 1 of Lily’s birthday weekend. She got a package in the mail from JP’s parents and couldn’t wait until Sunday to open it. So… she got on the phone and convinced Marlene that it was very very important that she open the prize immediately! It came with a cute card, she was […]


After dinner we headed to Costco to buy water, pop, and batteries. When we got home two of our neighbors where standing on our front porch. We met Yvette and Anna who came to introduce themselves and brought us yummy strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Thank you Yvette and Anna!! This is the first time in […]


… how many people can you fit in the trunk of a Grand Marquis? For now, only two!


As of this moment I am officially the bravest person that I know of today! It all started a couple days ago I saw a wasp that kept flying in between some bricks on the outside of our house. We don’t have wasp spray but we do have bug spray so I sprayed the brick […]


Today we were in line at the grocery store. I was talking to the girl ringing up our grocerys and Lily was talking to the girl working in the next isle. Lily said “I like your pin” the girl said “Thank you” Lily said “Where did you get it?” the girl said “From my boss, […]


Amanda spotted a rainbow in our backyard tonight! I have prepared myself to stop smoking for awhile now. Being so sick earlier this week I realized on Tuesday that I had not smoked in two days. I hear that the first few days are the hardest. I only had one breakdown today and when it was […]


Back on March 29th (The Sad Palm Tree) I wrote about the palm tree that we thought was dying in our backyard. If you look back at the old posting and then look to the bottom left of the first picture you will see the dead baby palm tree in the planter that I didn’t mention. […]


Check out what was in our neighbors mailbox this afternoon! JP was the hero! He got it out of there with a stick! Only in Texas my friends… only in Texas! Then about 15 minutes later JP spotted this much larger dude in our backyard!