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I feel like I have waited for a day like today for a long time. I was thrilled this morning when I saw the forecast. I dedicated the whole day to outside work. First up was vacuuming the pool. It felt so good to put on a bikini and sunscreen. I wear sunscreen on my […]

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Today here in San Antonio, TX we had summer for a day. I was so excited when I looked at the forecast and saw the high temperature forecasted at 81°. When they say 81° that is the temperature in the shade… which means the temperature in the direct sun is much warmer. It also means […]

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I usually pick up Lily on Wednesday but this week she is on Spring Break so I picked her up a day earlier than usual. Last week I told her that Spring Break week would be Lily Week and she could choose something cool to do each day. After I picked her up I gave […]


Today I was outside watering the plants on the deck with I heard something shuffling through the foliage out in the yard. I knew it was big because I could totally hear the leaves going crunch, crunch, crunch. Usually when I post pictures of the backyard you see the pool. Well if you are on […]


A: When you are talking about the military. When we were in Port Townsend we had a little bit of time to kill until we had to be back at the ferry dock so we decided to go take a look at Fort Worden State Park. I have been there one other time when I […]


This morning after James and Suzie left for work me and the kids were ready for our day of adventure together. What is better than a group of cousins hanging out together having fun for the day? They are all pretty close in age (Lily is 8, Stevie is 7 & Tangerine is 5) and they are generally amused […]


Today we headed out to Independence Lake which is very near Vanessa’s house here in Whitmore Lake. It’s a pretty nice park that has beach access, a rock climb thing, paddle boat rentals, a concession stand, bathrooms, a splash zone and a playground. Before we left home Vanessa made hamburger patties to bbq for lunch. […]


Did you know that living in Texas makes us thirsty? The temperatures loom somewhere near the 100’s. It is almost impossible to walk outside and not start sweating. Every month we have four 5-gallon bottles of water delivered to our house. As you can imagine drinking plain water can get boring after awhile so I […]


JP, Lily and I are so crazy about the beach that we decided we need to spend some more time there before heading home today.  We packed up the condo and headed into town really quick to buy a couple things before we hit the beach. Lily was almost eaten by a shark. And we took the […]


One of my favorite things in the entire world to do is hang out at the beach. I don’t mind the fact that sand gets everywhere or that it there is a chance of getting bitten by pretty much anything in the water, I still love it. That was the plan for today… hang out on the […]


We hung out in the pool until it was time to get ready for Lily’s volleyball game. I have no idea why they schedule games for 4:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday but that was this weeks game time. Here is Me, Teylor and Shauna getting ready to go. We clean up pretty well, […]


Back on April 28, 2010 I saw my very first sun dog ever. Even at that time I didn’t know it was called a sun dog. This happens because of ice crystals way up in the cold clouds. Kinda cool, right? JP said he heard on the radio that if the moon is full or […]


Yesterday we took Stephanie and David to the airport and they headed back to Seattle. Amanda has decided to stay a little longer and spend some time making decisions. I haven’t taken many pictures in the last two days but when I looked back at the photos from this weekend I realize just how much I […]


I love it when people come to our softball games so naturally I was thrilled that Amanda, Stephanie and David were coming with me this week! They were playing but I knew that would be up in the stands cheering us on. It was actually the perfect game for them to come to because we […]


I have told you guys a bunch of times that in May it will be one year since I quit smoking. There are so many great things about quitting. I could make a huge list of the pros but you never hear anyone talk about the cons. When I smoked I would always go out […]


In the past I have told you guys a lot about my softball teams. I post a lot of team pictures but I never really post any action shots. If action shots are what you have been waiting for today is your lucky day! We have played our asses off every week for the last 6 […]

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Today when we got home from work/school JP was already there. He had already started dinner and was out working on the pool. Not to shabby, eh? It took maybe 5 minutes for Lily’s friend Cameron to show up. As soon as they walked out in the backyard I handed them brooms and put them […]

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On the way to school this morning Lily told me that her Dad was meeting her at the school this morning to give her her bike so she could participate in the Bike Rodeo today. The Bike Rodeo you ask? I didn’t really know what it was until I asked around a little bit. I […]


Did you know that Presidents Day was originally celebrated only as Washington’s Birthday? Then along the way somewhere Lincoln was added to it and it became Presidents Day? I ran across this cartoon today that made me laugh! I am pretty sure if I asked someone “When do the leaves fall off of the trees?” they would tell me that […]


Today I played in a softball tournament at Jefferson High School. Just yesterday we had a snow day and now today we are playing softball in 70º weather. Only in San Antonio! Here is our team The Charros. If you have ever watched East Bound & Down our team name will make you laugh! Here […]


I played two games of softball today in 80º weather!  I haven’t played since December 5th but it feels like a lot longer than that. This afternoon Mario sent me a text asking if I can fill in on his team and I was all over it. So first I played a game over at Victory Sports Park […]