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I feel like I have waited for a day like today for a long time. I was thrilled this morning when I saw the forecast. I dedicated the whole day to outside work. First up was vacuuming the pool. It felt so good to put on a bikini and sunscreen. I wear sunscreen on my […]

Checking out the beach.

Today JP, Lily and I took a day trip down to the Gulf of Mexico. There are lots of different beaches to choose from but we always go to Whitecap Beach because it tends to be less crowded than the other beaches. When we started going to this beach a few years ago we made […]


One of my favorite things in the entire world to do is hang out at the beach. I don’t mind the fact that sand gets everywhere or that it there is a chance of getting bitten by pretty much anything in the water, I still love it. That was the plan for today… hang out on the […]


I would guess that about 80% of the people that come to our house at one point will end up in the pool. The math is pretty simple: San Antonio + dessert climate + 90° or more outside + big blue wet pool in the backyard = POOL TIME! So now imagine that when you leave my  house you forget your sunglasses. Next time you […]