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I am pretty sure we didn’t do anything today other than hang out by the pool. Is that the life or what? It was swim, swim, swim. I am not sure how but I took 5 pictures in a row of the sky… but I think these were being taken while I was holding my […]


Guess who flew into San Antonio International Airport today! STEPHANIE!! She has been talking about hanging out in warm weather ever since she booked her flight. Guess what she got when she arrived? The hottest day of the year so far. She didn’t land until early evening so after we picked her up from the […]

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The original picture of Stephanie.

For the last few years Stephanie has spent every birthday in San Antonio. But this year we were not able to make it happen… sad, I know. Since we are so used to celebrating her birthday we knew that this year we couldn’t miss the chance to celebrate. If you click on the images they […]


This morning when I woke up JP asked me what my plan was for the next couple days. I told him that I would keep myself busy until he was off work then we would figure something out. Then he told me that he was tied up for the next couple days until at least […]

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This morning JP took off for work and Stephanie and I headed out to see what Portland has to offer. We went to the mall and bought some make-up and face cream and then it was time for lunch. We had lots of options for lunch but some how we ended up in a bar… […]

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Lily was combing through my website looking for a certain post. Once she was done she looked at me and asked why I never posted her big leaves on here. So per her request I am sending out a huge Thank You to Stephanie. It all started a couple of months ago when the weather […]


A few years ago Stephanie was on a flight from Seattle to San Antonio on Southwest Airlines. The airline has red stir sticks with a heart on the end of them. When she landed in SA she said that she asked for a bunch of them because she knew I liked stir sticks. To this […]


It is no secret that the Mariner’s are having about as good of a season as Seattle is a summer. But regardless of that how could a trip to Seattle be complete without a baseball game? Here are 4 of the 13 tickets that got my group into tonights game.! Even JP’s parents Marlene and Bob joined […]


#1 – I am not sure if you ever click on my other pages above. See the one that says “BofC”? I just updated it today so go ahead and click on it again! #2 – Yesterday I was on the phone with my brother and he said he was working in Boston, Massachusetts this week. I […]


A couple weeks ago I was going through a box of stuff and I found a cute little toy cabinet with a penguin on it. When I first saw it I knew exactly what it was but I wondered what I could possibly do with it. It is not very big… actually it is quite small. […]


You know how I am always preaching to you guys about keeping your digital pictures safe by archiving them by sending them up to the sky? Well let me tell you a little story and give you another example why it is fun to be able to go back and walk down memory lane! I have blogged about my […]


Yesterday we took Stephanie and David to the airport and they headed back to Seattle. Amanda has decided to stay a little longer and spend some time making decisions. I haven’t taken many pictures in the last two days but when I looked back at the photos from this weekend I realize just how much I […]


I love it when people come to our softball games so naturally I was thrilled that Amanda, Stephanie and David were coming with me this week! They were playing but I knew that would be up in the stands cheering us on. It was actually the perfect game for them to come to because we […]


Today my other bff Stephanie and her boyfriend David came to spend the weekend with us.  By the time I got home from work JP had already picked them up from the airport and they were at my house waiting for me. These are three of my favorite girls! Amanda, Stephanie and Lily. Since Stephanie doesn’t […]


Stephanie sent me this picture from her cell phone today with a message that said “Mt Rainier is up today ;)”. When I lived in West Seattle anytime I would go over the West Seattle Bridge I would check for the mountain and if I could see it I would say “Hey look, they put the mountain up […]


My besties sent me flowers today! Thanks Amanda & Stephanie!


I dropped Stephanie and Amanda off at the airport this afternoon. I really wish they didn’t have to leave! Here is a final picture of Stephanie and her broken foot. She is living proof that tile floors, flip flops and water do not go well together!