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Back on 12/30/2009 Lily and I went to Build-A-Bear with some gift cards that we got in our Christmas stocking. That was when I adopted Daisy. Here is her picture from back then. That was the last outfit I bought for Daisy until the other day. I saw a Seattle Seahawks outfit on Ebay that […]

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Lily started her 3rd season with the Vineyard Vipers Swim Team. She has had practice four times a week since the beginning of the month. I looked back at her first day of practice on 5/2/12 and look at how young she looks. Today she had her first swim meet. She took 4th place in […]

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A couple of weeks ago Lily brought home a permission slip that said “Your child has been selected to participate in the NEISD (North East Independent School District) Elementary Track & Field Day”. The rest of the page talked about where to be, what to wear, what time to be there, etc. This is her […]

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Looky here! The NFL finally published next seasons schedules. Like this:Like Loading…

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From the moment we woke up today we knew it was going to be a good day. When I got dressed I put on my game day socks. We decorated the house. We picked up the desserts that we pre-ordered from HEB. Even Chip was excited to be a 12th Man. Our friends came over. […]

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Are you guys sooo excited for the Super Bowl Sunday? I know that we are! Seahawks vs Broncos will be a good game… but it is no secret who we think will win. Check out what they are selling at our local grocery store here in San Antonio!  And check out this 747 that Boeing […]

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The reason for our trip to Camano Island was because JP’s mom Marlene wanted us to be at the store with them when they upgraded their cell phones. Keep in mind that they have been eligible for an upgrade for 8 years…. yes, 8 years! So we went with them to the Verizon store with […]


Today a few of us got together here in San Antonio, TX to watch the Seattle Seahawks play the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. It is pretty obvious who we were rooting for. Yup! With 0:25 left on the clock this happened. SEAHAWKS won the game 23-17! And our team is going […]

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Check out the cover of the Seattle Times today. And the front of the sports page. GO SEAHAWKS!! Like this:Like Loading…

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The Seattle Seahawks won their NFC regional game today against the New Orleans Saints. Of course we had to go cheer them on. Even Lily wore her Seahawks gear. But ditched us quickly to play sand volleyball out back with her new-found friends. Lily is kinda like me… we can make friends anywhere we go. […]

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This is just crazy! Did you know that the Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson was one of the Texas Rangers draft picks? Some people are just natural born athletes. Like this:Like Loading…


The Seahawks played Monday Night Football again today. They played at home against the New Orleans Saints. Can you guess what we did? We met up with Amanda for our weekly meeting. And we wore the wings that I made… again. To see the first time we wore them click here. And we even made […]

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The Seattle Seahawks are on a serious roll. We are now 9-1 for the season after the game today.   Like this:Like Loading…

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Check out my new Starbucks card. Do you love it? I know that I do. We don’t go to Starbucks very often but as soon as I saw this card on Ebay I knew that I had to have it. I paid like $4 for a gift card with no balance…. but I don’t think […]


Remember the wings that I told you guys about a couple of days ago? Today is the day!! Monday Night Football at the Edward Jones Dome in St Louis, MO. JP, Amanda and I were so excited. We had the wings. We had the nail polish. And we had the hair. Looking good, eh? JP […]

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It’s Sunday so I usually talk about the Seattle Seahawks. But not today. Not today kids. TOMORROW! Tomorrow they play Monday Night Football at the Edward Jones Dome in St Louis, MO! Like this:Like Loading…

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JP and I went to a Saint Louis Rams game today. Should we consider that as cheating on the Seattle Seahawks? I don’t think it is. The reason we went is because we were in town and the tickets were cheap. We bought tickets on StubHub.com for $38 each. Yes, $38.00! Does that sound expensive […]

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On Sunday the Seattle Seahawks traveled to Houston, TX. And they did it again!! The Seahawks are foreign ohhhh! Like this:Like Loading…

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Guess which NFL team is 3-0 after last nights game! If you said Seattle Seahawks that is the answer I was looking for. Boo-ya! My friend Amanda here in St Louis sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to happy hour when she got off of work. Sure… I mean who says […]

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It was suppose to rain all day today. Not like a drizzly drizzle but a flash flood kind of rain. Last night before bed I told Pauly we shouldn’t be scared of a little rain… let’s be adventurous and go hit Don’s Fish Camp on the San Marcos River for some toobin. So this morning […]