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The worst part about projects is cleaning up afterward. JP and I did that snowman project out in the garage last Friday and the mess was still sitting there as of this morning. I was just overwhelmed by it but I wanted to park my car in the garage again so I did what had […]


A couple days ago JP asked me to take a picture of the brown patches that are popping up in our lawn and ask someone at the nursery if they knew why it was happening. I decided today was the day to do my research. Here is our front lawn. Do you see the brown patches?   […]


We have a bunch of quilts in our house. I would say at least a dozen of them. Nice, heavy, thick quilts. I am not sure where they are all from but I know that most of them are antique, some are Amish and at least one of them was made by JP’s grandma. JP […]


I was sitting at work today daydreaming about what to take a picture of and then I started thinking about my lost camera. Sad, very sad. I couldn’t help but think about how stupid a lot of my pictures would be from now on because I would have to use my phone. Don’t get me wrong I do have […]


I didn’t really do a lot of anything today other than wake up, go to work, work, come home, go to the gym for less than an hour and then update this site. I didn’t think I took a picture of anything so I had no idea what to post. But when I looked at […]


I had a 1/2 day off of work today and as I headed home this afternoon I was trying to decide what I wanted to do. I decided that today I would do something I have been putting off for a long time… Lily’s bedroom. Since JP is out of town for a couple days I […]


Do you remember when we were kids what we would say if someone said  “My nose is running”? It started yesterday morning and has since gotten worse. At work I took some medicine for it and it made me feel high all day. I hate that chemical high feeling but at least there isn’t snot running out […]

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We lost for the first time this season today. Actually, I should say we got spanked 1-14! Our new record is 2-1-1.

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JP is working in Austin, TX this week so today after work I went to visit him. All these cops and none of them wanted to arrest me!


Here is a picture that Vanessa sent me today of Isabel in her cast. Red is her FAVORITE color and she was very excited that they had red. They pretty much have all the colors to choose from. Good news is that she only has to wear it for 3 weeks! It should come off on July 9th.


My niece Isabel who lives in Michigan broke her arm yesterday.  They didn’t know it was broken until today when Vanessa took her to the doctor. Here is a picture that Vanessa took of the sling that she has to wear until her appointment at the UofM to get her cast put on.


As of this moment I am officially the bravest person that I know of today! It all started a couple days ago I saw a wasp that kept flying in between some bricks on the outside of our house. We don’t have wasp spray but we do have bug spray so I sprayed the brick […]


I am sure that by now everyone knows about the oil that is shooting into the Gulf of Mexico. I told Lily about the oil spill today and we wanted to find pictures of the animals that are being affected. Sadly here is a pretty good example of what BP is doing to the gulf coast. […]

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I have been to the airport in San Antonio many many times. Most of the time I have been on my way to Seattle,  but I have also flown out of San Antonio and headed to Chicago and San Diego. And a bunch of times I have been to the San Antonio airport to pick up visitors! Those are the […]

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Our season ended today! Here is part of the Bee’s Knees celebrating the fact that we don’t have to play any more games tonight after the single elimination during playoffs.


Yesterday at work I really wanted a pop. I needed $1.35 for the vending machine so I dug through my purse but all I could come up with was $1.30. All the  cash I had was a $5 bill. Have you ever put a $5 bill in a vending machine? You always get the change back […]