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I was walking through a store the other day when this caught my eye. SNOW! Really? You can make your own snow? For $1.99 how could I turn down the chance to make 2 quarts of snow. I haven’t actually tried it yet. I think I like the idea of having the package better than […]


When I was younger (like pre-Lily days) and lived in Washington we use to spend a lot of weekend time in the forest. There is so much lush green forest, tons of trails and endless things to see and do. One of my favorite things was always the Ice Caves. So on Thursday night when we […]


I got an email from my sister today that said: I’m sure you have seen everybody from Michigan complaining about this today on facebook.  This is why I need to move…SNOW in the middle of April.  The girls are outside right now, playing in it.   Love you, Vanessa This my friends is a good […]


Lily’s school is closed today for a snow day/ice day. Last night when I went to bed this was the forecast. When my alarm went off at 5:30am I saw white outside so I immediately went to wake up Lily. This is the weirdest snow we have ever seen. If you touch it it disappears […]

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When it snows you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels – Author Unknown I think that most of you know that I was born and raised in Michigan. Every once in awhile there are things I miss about it. Snow is NOT one of them. There was a huge snow storm last night […]

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I have written before about how much I like it when people send me their pictures. This is one that my friend Angela sent me of her and some friends skiing in the mountains of Vermont. Love it!


This morning we woke up in West Yellowstone and this is what it looked like when I opened the door. Today was my travel home day. Amanda and her Mom drove me to the airport in Bozeman. I told them along the way that I loved playing in the snow but they can keep it. […]


Once we got to West Yellowstone we rented snowmobiles from Back Country Snowmobile Adventures. The rental was not nearly as much as I thought it might be. We paid a little over $100 per snowmobile and we could use them for the entire day. The people were friendly and it didn’t take long until they […]


I love looking out the window at Amanda’s house. If you look out either the front or the back you see the same thing… mountains! Here is the view from her kitchen window in the front of the house. Amanda asked me a couple weeks ago what I wanted to do when I was there. […]


I woke up early this morning in the hotel and caught the shuttle bus back to the SLC airport. Before I knew it we were taking off and headed to Bozeman, MT. The flight was less than an hour so it went really quick. This is the view over Bozeman that I took from the […]

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When I was calling/texting around this morning for yesterday’s picture of the day Vanessa sent me these. They were taken today! Vanessa & Chris are the proud new owners of a mini-van since the baby on the way won’t fit in their Ford Escape. Here are my Michigan girls! Sofia, Isabel & Vanessa!

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It snowed for about 5 minutes in San Antonio today. I left the office for about 20 minutes and I was lucky enough to find a random stranger to take my picture in it! Ta-da! Note to anyone in Michigan or Washington: This is some exciting stuff around these parts!