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For a long time JP has talked about figuring out how to use our smoker. He has barbequed steaks a bunch of times but had never smoked anything until a few weeks ago when he tried doing beef ribs. They turned out okay but were a little well done. Ever since then he has been […]

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Today is my 1 year anniversary of being cigarette free! I truly believe that I will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life. I still like telling people that I use to smoke, because I feel so proud of myself for stopping. It is hard to believe that I did it for so […]


On Saturday’s Lily usually wakes me up around 8am to tell me she is hungry. This morning was no exception. Just last night she was telling me about how disapointed she was that the pumpkins went moldy in just one week. After I fed her breakfast I decided we could have a little bit of fun. I poked my head […]


I got something in the mail today that made me think back to a long time ago. When I was a little girl I always thought that maybe someday I would marry a cowboy. I figured that my perfect guy/cowboy would be tall and have brown hair, brown eyes and ride a horse… kinda like […]

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There are certain things that make me think being a kid again. Kool-Aid is one of them. I drink like maybe a cup or two of this stuff a year. Today I accidently discovered that the serve it in the cafeteria at work. Omg! Yum! Did you know that I LOVE sugar? I mean I […]


Today is day 30 of my new smoke free lifestyle! JP sent flowers and balloons to my work to remind me of how proud he is! As usual he knows exactly what kind of flowers to send! Thanks JP!!


Although we have seen them lots of times we still get excited when they show up. This is the first thing JP and I noticed when we pulled up at home today. Here is a picture of me and said lizard while I was on the phone with Bob. Sorry Bob but this posting should explain […]


Amanda spotted a rainbow in our backyard tonight! I have prepared myself to stop smoking for awhile now. Being so sick earlier this week I realized on Tuesday that I had not smoked in two days. I hear that the first few days are the hardest. I only had one breakdown today and when it was […]