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This morning JP and I headed to the airport. Once we were on the plane it looked like this. Then like 6 hours later we landed in Portland, OR. After we got the rental car I dropped JP off at the hotel and headed northbound. A few hours later I was finally in Seattle. I […]


Where oh where have I been this week? Home. I have been home in San Antonio doing what I do when no one is looking. I have actually been keeping myself quite busy. On Sunday JP left for Portland and I wasn’t feeling that well so I stayed here. I don’t think I was actually […]


I saw these today and they made me laugh. This is Lily all the way. And this is JP sometimes.


Since moving to Texas in March of 2008 we have been to the Gulf of Mexico a bunch of times. One of the things that all three of us agree on is that the beach is the best place on earth. I went through my albums to see how many times we have gone and […]


Lily’s hamster Chip has been living with us this week. I was a little wary at first but she grew on me pretty quick. It only took a day or two of playing with her to come up with the idea of getting some good pictures of her. At first I was like. But then […]


Today we headed over the (Missouri and Mississippi) river and through the woods to Alton, IL. Here is my selfie of the day. Every time I am in St Louis I see two things on my RoadsideAmerica app that I really need to go check out. Sounds kinda far, right? It’s not. It was only […]


I have told you guys before that I am fascinated with going to the cemetery and looking for angels. We passed the Key West Cemetery a few times and I knew we would eventually stop. I meant to put this with last weeks blog posts but I forgot about it until just now. I am […]

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If you know anything about me then you know that I love seeing all the random things across the states. I randomly stumbled across a blog post that I feel the need to tell everyone about. I personally never knew this existed. I stole this picture from the blog posting. Click here to read about […]


I did not take very many pictures this week. I did however get some stuff done. Here is a summary of my week. I spent the first couple days of the week in St Louis, MO hanging out with JP. And of course we had my weekly meeting with Amanda. I discovered an amazing place […]


Lily went to a birthday part at her friend Anna’s house today. When I picked her up a couple of hours later I found a mustache in her goodie bag. What do you think? Should I grow a mustache? This is the Snapchat that I sent to a friend of mine. Speaking of Snapchat… does […]


Here is another picture of JP and I that was taken a long time ago. It also happens to be the very first picture that I put on this blog back in 2009.


Lily and I were driving through the neighborhood today when she said “Mom, why are those signs all of the neighborhood?” I told her it was for the neighborhood watch. Then she said “I know that but why is there a pirate ship on the sign?” Do you see it? I told her it was […]


This made me laugh today!

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I have been slacking on blogging lately! I guess I just don’t feel like doing it. If you want to find out what we have been up to you have a few options. 1. Call me. If we haven’t talked in a while I promise to give you the first few minutes of talk time […]


For the last couple weeks every time I turn on the radio the song Blurred Lines is always on. I always thought it was Justin Timberlake. I do admit that the song is kinda catchy so today I looked up the video. Turns out that it is Robin Thicke… not JT. O-M-G! Here is the […]


Do you use Google’s Picasa to upload your photos? We have been using their software for years and we love it. I think I mentioned before that a few months ago they added a feature that automatically turns some photos into .gif files. You have to take at least 5 pictures in a row for […]


I have told you guys before that I have the RoadsideAmerica app on my iPhone. I use it all the time to check and see if there is any weird must see attractions around. I have found a ton of stuff in the past if you want to see some of it click here, here, […]


As soon as I saw this today I knew I would have to share it. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

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Around 3:00 today I took off on foot to go bug JP at work. It is about a 10 block walk from the apartment to his office. I was about half way there when I looked up and saw him walking in my direction. Evidently we both had the same idea… leave work as soon […]


I am testing a new photo setting that I found in Jetpack named Tiled Galleries.