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This is how our morning weather has been for the last few days. The sky looks angry then it rains for about ohh 30 seconds. Then it dries up and the blue sky appears. Then the sky looks angry again and it rains for about ohh 30 seconds. The same thing over and over again. […]

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I have no idea what happened but on Friday afternoon I started feeling hot. My entire body was on fire. I didn’t really have any other symptoms… I was just radiating heat. That lasted all day Saturday but by Sunday morning I was fine again. This is the only picture I have from today. It […]

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Remember my happy outlook on Sunday? The whole I am gonna live thing? Well I took a turn for the worse later that day. The fever was back and I was back to thinking I was gonna die. Around 9:00 pm JP drove me to the ER so I could try to find some answers […]

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On Wednesday morning I had an early morning flight from Portland, OR to San Antonio, TX with a short lay-over in Denver in between. I am so used to this 6:10 am flight that it didn’t even phase me. But then something happened. Right as we started our final decent into SA I started to […]

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When I was putting Lily to bed last night she said she wasn’t feeling very well. And when I woke her up this morning (she slept through her alarm) she had a mild fever. I always know when she is not feeling good because she just lays around and isn’t her usual chipper self. She […]

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I haven’t blogged ANYTHING in 7 days. Yes, 7 days. I went on a vacation to Washington DC to visit my amazing friend Angela. Needless to say I had an amazing time and I have tons of pictures. I have been home for about 2 days but I feel like crap. I haven’t been this […]


My good friends Shauna and Gage are staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Houston, TX for a few weeks so that Gage can get some treatment that is not available in the Seattle area. He has treatments every day Monday through Friday so they are only available on the weekends. After I dropped off […]


About an hour before I got off of work today I got a phone call from the nurse at Lily’s school telling me that she had a fever. So I immediately left work and headed to her school. When I finally got her home I took her temperature and Lily was on fire! We have two […]


Do you remember when we were kids what we would say if someone said  “My nose is running”? It started yesterday morning and has since gotten worse. At work I took some medicine for it and it made me feel high all day. I hate that chemical high feeling but at least there isn’t snot running out […]


Today is flu shot day at work. I went downstairs, got in line, filled out the form, and waited for my turn. As soon as they called me back I asked the girl if I could take a picture. She started laughing and then looked at me and said “Wait… are you serious?”. Here is […]

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This morning I woke up with a runny nose. 1,000+ sneezes and lots of tissue later it’s still here. Allergies or cold? I’m not sure but now my nose skin is sore!

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On Thursday the school called to tell me that Lily has a fever. JP went to the school and picked her up for me. Then today he stayed home all day with her. Imagine my surprise when he sent me this picture via text. He said they went to the bank and then to McDonalds. Oh […]