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My sister and her family escaped the cold of the Ann Arbor-ish Michigan area to spend the week with us here in San Antonio. I love having visitors and they are no exception. I love the sound of a busy house. Over the past week we spent a lot of time in the pool, hot […]

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Check out this picture of my sister and I from early 1980 something.  Typing that last line reminds me of a country song by Mark Wills named 19 Somethin’. If you haven’t hear it then here you go.  

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My sister Vanessa sent me this picture last week. This is what we looked like in April 1980.

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This afternoon after school Lily and I drove to San Antonio International Airport to pick up my little brother Pauly. Pauly flew in from Seatac to visit us for the weekend. It was so much fun hanging out with him. Look what was out in the garage as we were leaving to go eat dinner […]


It is no secret that the Mariner’s are having about as good of a season as Seattle is a summer. But regardless of that how could a trip to Seattle be complete without a baseball game? Here are 4 of the 13 tickets that got my group into tonights game.! Even JP’s parents Marlene and Bob joined […]

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Every once in awhile I see a picture that makes me say “WOW”! It happened to me today when I was on facebook. My little brother Pauly’s fiancé Katie posted a picture that I think is awesome. When I first saw it I could imagine him singing: “It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday The regular […]


This morning we all met back up again at Richard’s house for breakfast. Here is Alex and I enjoying a mimosa. After breakfast some people headed home and others headed for The Field Museum in downtown Chicago. There is so much to see. We spent 4+ hours there and still didn’t have enough time to see everything. Here is […]


Today was my nephew Cael’s baptism. A few times I asked people what the difference was between a baptism and a christening. Everyone seemed to have the same opinion and now after looking it up we learned that they were wrong. The baptism is the water part and the christening is the giving of the […]


Today I went through a box of photos that I have from when I was a kid and I pulled out all of the Halloween pictures that I could find. I did my absolute best to put these in date order. As far as I can tell this is my first Halloween! In 1979 Vanessa was Raggedy Ann, I […]

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Here is my little brother Pauly and his new rose hair tarantula Harley! Yikes!

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When I was calling/texting around this morning for yesterday’s picture of the day Vanessa sent me these. They were taken today! Vanessa & Chris are the proud new owners of a mini-van since the baby on the way won’t fit in their Ford Escape. Here are my Michigan girls! Sofia, Isabel & Vanessa!

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We never even turned the camera on today so today’s pictures are from two of my siblings.  They both live in Tacoma, WA. Here is Zerah & Zane. I think this picture is adorable! Can you see my brother Pauly in this picture? He was on television! Here is a clue: He is wearing a […]