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I took Lily shopping today looking for some new clothing and shoes. Anytime we go in a store with fancy dresses Lily and I always stop to take a look. She fell instantly in love with this one at JCPenny … I told her maybe some day she will have one just like it. Once […]


Lily hasn’t gotten a new pair of flip flops since last summer so most of hers and pretty beat up. She has been asking for a new pair for a few weeks now. Today we had a couple hours to kill between when I picked her up and volleyball practice so we headed to the […]


I know it is hard to tell in the pictures that I publish but Lily is growing like a weed. She stands at about 54″ tall and it seems like she is getting taller by the day. Lately she has been expressing her awareness of it and it is not in a positive way. She […]

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About 99% of the time when I leave for work in the morning I am wearing flip flops. Pretty much everyday I grab the shoes I intend on wearing that day (if they are not already in the car), a pair of socks (if needed), and I slip on my flip flops and fly out […]

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I went for a run today and it reminded me that I never did a follow up to the running shoe posting. A bunch of you guys were right. I bought the pink Asics. But believe it or not I bought them for support and not for color or style!