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Remember the picture that I posted a few weeks of the sand dollars that Lily and I found in Washington? Today we finally dealt with them. Sand dollars don’t travel very well unless you box them. We lost about half of our sand dollars because they traveled across the country inside a plastic bag that […]


I made another wonderful dish for dinner today that I want to share with you. It’s pretty exciting because I didn’t measure anything… not a single thing! I looked up a couple different recipes for the same thing and figured out it needs to be cooked at 350º for about 40 minutes once it is […]


JP, Lily and I are so crazy about the beach that we decided we need to spend some more time there before heading home today.  We packed up the condo and headed into town really quick to buy a couple things before we hit the beach. Lily was almost eaten by a shark. And we took the […]


Today was day 2 of our beach adventures. Shauna and the babies had too much sun the day before so Lily, Gage, JP and I headed down to the beach without them. Here is the sweetest picture of the day. Lily and Gage are both big talkers either one can talk you ear off about pretty much […]


In order to make a mermaid you will need the following things: Gulf of Mexico (or any other sandy beach) 1 small human 1 or 2 large humans to help build the mermaid 1 Shovel (not necessary but very helpful) A large sandy area (beaches work the best) 1,000 or so miniature shells to decorate the tail […]