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We spent this weekend in St Louis, MO. Here I am super excited with my face-in-hole at the San Antonio airport. We flew in on Saturday morning and were able to check into our hotel room early. Pretty cool view. Our hotel was right across from the stadium and attached to Lumiere Place Casino. Not […]

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This is actually the second face-in-hole that I am making. Last year I did one with Russell Wilson’s head. It’s super duper simple.  You need: A poster, hard poster board, a pencil or pen, 1 sheet protector (optional), double sided tape, and x-acto knife.  First you need to decided how big make the hole. I […]

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How do I make Seattle Seahawk Decorations? I just buy some stuff and paint it!

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We spent the last few days preparing for our Super Bowl XLIX Party.  At the beginning of January when we were talking down the outside Christmas lights we left the green ones up. I told JP that if the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl that we can turn them on during Super Bowl Week. […]

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We are hosting a Super Bowl Party at our house this weekend. So basically all week will be spent decorating.  Check out what I did with the white board in the garage. 

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This morning I got down the box of Super Bowl decor from the garage rafters. As I was going through the container I realized that don’t really have anything good to put on the mantel.   I brainstormed for a little while and came up with an idea for a cool decoration. For less than […]


JP and I spent the last few days on the Oregon Coast with some of his family. Marlene wanted to rent a house on the coast for a few days to celebrate her birthday. We rented a beautiful house on the ocean just outside of Seaside, OR. JP and I flew in on the last […]

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This morning Lily and I woke up while Stephanie was making us breakfast. I am not sure if I have ever told you this before but Stephanie is a woman of many talents and cooking is definitely one of them. After breakfast we played beauty shop with Stephanie’s waxing kit. Then Lily and I hit […]

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Back on 12/30/2009 Lily and I went to Build-A-Bear with some gift cards that we got in our Christmas stocking. That was when I adopted Daisy. Here is her picture from back then. That was the last outfit I bought for Daisy until the other day. I saw a Seattle Seahawks outfit on Ebay that […]

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Looky here! The NFL finally published next seasons schedules.

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From the moment we woke up today we knew it was going to be a good day. When I got dressed I put on my game day socks. We decorated the house. We picked up the desserts that we pre-ordered from HEB. Even Chip was excited to be a 12th Man. Our friends came over. […]


I declare today as So What Wednesday! This is what Grumpy Cat has to say about it. And this is what I have to say about it. So what if it is only Wednesday… at least JP comes home tomorrow. So what if I have spent all week deep cleaning our house… it was worth […]

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Are you guys sooo excited for the Super Bowl Sunday? I know that we are! Seahawks vs Broncos will be a good game… but it is no secret who we think will win. Check out what they are selling at our local grocery store here in San Antonio!  And check out this 747 that Boeing […]

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Last night JP and I took a late flight from San Antonio, TX to Portland, OR. We almost always stay at Kimpton Hotels and since there are three of them in Portland we tried a different one this time. Check out the view from just outside the doors this morning. Portland is so beautiful. On […]


Today a few of us got together here in San Antonio, TX to watch the Seattle Seahawks play the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. It is pretty obvious who we were rooting for. Yup! With 0:25 left on the clock this happened. SEAHAWKS won the game 23-17! And our team is going […]

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Check out the cover of the Seattle Times today. And the front of the sports page. GO SEAHAWKS!!

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The Seattle Seahawks won their NFC regional game today against the New Orleans Saints. Of course we had to go cheer them on. Even Lily wore her Seahawks gear. But ditched us quickly to play sand volleyball out back with her new-found friends. Lily is kinda like me… we can make friends anywhere we go. […]

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On 12/30 I flew back to SA.

We spent the last few days of 2013 in Seattle, WA spending a little time with a few of our favorite people. I have been so bad at taking picture lately… in 5 days I took less than 40 pictures. Ugh. Here are a few of my favorites.

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While we had a beautiful 70° day today here in San Antonio my friends in Seattle were not so lucky. Early this morning a dear friend of mine sent me this picture with the caption “I am gonna be late to work today”. Then she sent this one. And this one. And this one. Before […]


The Seahawks played Monday Night Football again today. They played at home against the New Orleans Saints. Can you guess what we did? We met up with Amanda for our weekly meeting. And we wore the wings that I made… again. To see the first time we wore them click here. And we even made […]