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We’ve waited a long time for crawfish to come back in season. Today Groomer’s Seafood had their first shipment of these delicious little crustaceans.  Of course we had to play with our food before we cooked it. Lily is the one who likes to purge them. I think it’s mostly because she gets to play […]


This morning when I was thinking about what to make for breakfast I remembered the leftover sausage and crawfish that we had in the fridge. I came up with an idea that turned out to be more than fabulous. Keep in mind that leftover seafood is never any good unless you prepare it correctly. You […]

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I have not been eating crawfish my entire life. I’m not even going to lie to you like that. I have, however, been eating crawfish for a couple years… and I love love love it! I was trying to think back to the first time I tried it… and I can’t even remember. I am […]


Today I am going to teach you how to boil crawfish. In order to do a traditional Cajun Crawfish Boil you will need a large stock pot (about 1/2 full of water), Cajun seafood boil, lemons, andouille sausage (cut in medium sized chunks), corn on the cob, and red potatoes.  You will need to purge […]


Today I am going to teach you how to shuck oysters. It is a lot easier to order them in restaurants but also a lot more expensive. Oysters are one of those foods in restaurants in my opinion that are way overpriced. We only paid like $0.42 per oyster at Groomer’s Seafood (in a restaurant […]

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I think I’ve told you guys before about Groomer’s Seafood in San Antonio. Earlier this week they posted a message on facebook about pre-ordering crawfish for the Superbowl. This is the first shipment of crawfish they were getting this season so we were all over it. The only downfall was when I called to pre-order […]

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When I saw Stephanie last week she brought me a present. I love love love surprise presents. It is very obvious that she reads my blog because look what she got me! If you remember back in July I put these on my wish list. The packaging they came in has the funniest description. The […]


JP, Lily and I are so crazy about the beach that we decided we need to spend some more time there before heading home today.  We packed up the condo and headed into town really quick to buy a couple things before we hit the beach. Lily was almost eaten by a shark. And we took the […]


Since this was our last morning at the beach JP woke us up early to go for a walk on the beach.  It was JP, Lily, Gage and I. There is a wooden path that leads you from our condo to the beach. We didn’t actually see any rattlesnakes but I believe that they are there. […]


Today was day 2 of our beach adventures. Shauna and the babies had too much sun the day before so Lily, Gage, JP and I headed down to the beach without them. Here is the sweetest picture of the day. Lily and Gage are both big talkers either one can talk you ear off about pretty much […]


A few weeks ago my friend Saher posted a link to a seafood store on my facebook page. I seriously thought to myself “Really, fresh seafood in San Antonio? Is that possible?”. I told JP about it a couple days later and we decided we should give it a try sometime.  Today was the day! […]


I have a tendancy to find something that I like then do it over and over and over again until I am completely tired of it. Right now crawfish is my thing. Remember we had it last week when we took Amanda to Willie’s to try it for the first time? Well I am at it again only this […]


Today we took Amanda out to dinner so that she could try crawfish for the first time. For anyone who hasn’t tried it it’s pretty freakin good. One very important thing is to order beer along with it because they are spicy! We ordered the family order that came with crawfish, sausage, potatoes and corn. Amanda says “Eat […]


A few weeks ago we decided we wanted to do our Valentine’s Day dinner at home instead of in a restaurant. It was Lily’s idea to cook crab for this dinner. Dungeness Crab is native to the Pacific Northwest so naturally when I lived there I ate a lot of it. Eating it here in Texas […]


Back in April I did a posting about our pet goldfish. Since then I have learned that the reason algae grows in water fountains is because of the direct sunlight. Today it was time to clean the fountain… here is a before picture. Can you believe there are fish living in that water! That is […]


I am sure that by now everyone knows about the oil that is shooting into the Gulf of Mexico. I told Lily about the oil spill today and we wanted to find pictures of the animals that are being affected. Sadly here is a pretty good example of what BP is doing to the gulf coast. […]

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When I think about the Pacific Ocean I think about crab, fish, oysters, shrimp… mmmmm! When I think about the Atlantic Ocean (which I have never been to) I think about lobster… yes! When I think about the Gulf of Mexico I do NOT think about food.  Today we actually ate out of the Gulf of […]