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2008 Portland 013

“What do you like to do?” That is a question that I am sure you have been asked tons of times in your life. Usually it’s a question from someone who is just getting to know you or someone you don’t know very well. But what if you asked your best friend that question? What […]


A couple days ago JP asked me to take a picture of the brown patches that are popping up in our lawn and ask someone at the nursery if they knew why it was happening. I decided today was the day to do my research. Here is our front lawn. Do you see the brown patches?   […]


Have you noticed sometimes when I post things there are words that appear to be bolded or in a different color? Have you had your mouse hover above them? If you have you will notice it usually says “click here” and if you do it will take you to another posting in my website that […]


Today is a company holiday for me thanks to Martin Luther King! I didn’t have to wake up to the alarm, heck I didn’t even have to wake up at all. JP brought me a cup of coffee and a bagel in bed around 7:30am and said “I thought you were gonna sleep in today”. […]


I stopped drinking pop a few weeks ago in an effort to curb my sugar addiction. In replace of pop I have been drinking sparkling water like crazy. We found this stuff at the local grocery and I love it. They have so many flavors like grapefruit, berry, lime, cran-raspberry, lemon and orange. They are all delicious […]