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I buy gas about every two weeks. When I go places in my car I don’t usually drive very far and now that Lily is out of school I will be using even less gas. Today after I dropped JP off at the airport my gas light came on. I usually try to time it […]

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The hot topic right now seems to be the price of gas. I know that our average price of gas is lower than most of the country. I only know that because they talk about it on the radio a lot. Is it because of all the oil refinery’s here in Texas? I’m not sure […]


I have had a bunch of thoughts running through my head lately so I figured I could share a few with you. I feel very lucky. If you asked me what my favorite part of my life so far has been I would say TODAY. You guys all know that I am a live in […]


I am sure that by now everyone knows about the oil that is shooting into the Gulf of Mexico. I told Lily about the oil spill today and we wanted to find pictures of the animals that are¬†being affected. Sadly here is a pretty good example of what BP is doing to the gulf coast. […]


I saw this candy wrapper at work today and it totally took me back to when I was a kid. I remember going to Central School and when school was over we would walk across the street to a little convient store named Roy’s Food Town and buy candy. I remember the penny candy was […]

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Remember last year every day on the news they talked about gas prices going up? Or they talked about the price of a barrel of oil?¬† I was driving home from work and my car was on “E” …… actually it was beyond the white line and so low that I exited like 5 exits […]