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Yesterday Lily told me that she wanted to have a few friends over for a pool party. So pool party we did. These kids were so much fun! 

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I have declared this year as the Summer of Strapless. Over the last few weeks I have gotten my first suntan of the season and I realized something. I am wearing a strapless wedding dress in the fall. STRAPLESS! This means that I have about six months to get rid of those tan lines on […]

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I am so glad to be back in the Texas sunshine. And to be able to swim outside even when it is getting dark. I am totally fine with the blazing heat of San Antonio.

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Lily started her 3rd season with the Vineyard Vipers Swim Team. She has had practice four times a week since the beginning of the month. I looked back at her first day of practice on 5/2/12 and look at how young she looks. Today she had her first swim meet. She took 4th place in […]

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This morning I spent a few hours cleaning the pool. Wanna know what my secret pool cleaning weapon is? After I finish vacuuming I wipe the sides down with Mr Clean Magic Eraser. It makes the white parts of the pool so white. Around noon JP put two racks on ribs in the smoker and […]

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I was prepping dinner for the BBQ today and JP was starting the charcoal when Lily asked if there was anything she could do. I never pass down a chance to assign her a task so I told her to top off the water level with the hose. I love it when they are both […]

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JP and I spent a little time hanging out at the pool today. That big ball in the sky is steadily warming up the water for us. Our pool temp is now officially in the 60’s! After I was done vacuuming I told JP that if the direct sun temperature hits 90 that I would […]


I am so proud of myself today so I totally have to brag. I went out to the pool to pull out all the leaves and vacuum it. When I started vacuuming I could feel that the suction wasn’t as good as it should be. So I went in the pool house to investigate. I […]

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Ahh the pool. Wouldn’t it be nice if the weather actually stayed warm enough for us to go swimming. For the last few days JP, Lily and I spent time cleaning out the garage and the pool house. We took a truck load of stuff to the dump and a truck load of stuff to […]


It is that time of the year again. In our yard the leaves fall off of the trees in February and March. I think the weather helped the process start a little earlier this year because there are tons of leaves already falling. Every day I have gone out to the pool and fished at […]

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We had another casualty today. When are the squirrels going to learn that they can’t swim? The grossest part of this is that I left the dead body sitting on the deck and when I went out later it was gone. I have no idea what is out in the backyard but whatever it is […]

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I know for a fact that we took a lot of pictures today… I think they might all be on JP’s phone. Ugh. This is all that I have to show for today at the hotel. A room with a cool view. And nothing says friendship like sharing my floatie with Angela.

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Wanna know what we did today? We got on this plane. See? CHEESE! We flew at about 38,000 feet for almost 2 hours and then we landed and drove home. When I went to pick up Lily from school she was so surprised that JP was actually home on a Wednesday. Since he has been […]


I know that I have told you guys about our lime tree many times. Today was an exciting day because I was able to pick a bunch of them. They are the smaller Mexican Limes but they taste ohh so good. There are so many things you can put lime juice on but my new […]

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I have told you guys before that one of my jobs at home is to keep the pool clean. JP calls me Miss Sexy Pants Pool Girl or MSPPG for short. I haven’t vacuumed it in a few weeks so it really needed some attention. After breakfast I put on my bikini and headed out. […]

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Lily asks me all the time if I will take her to the neighborhood pool. In the last three years I have taken her exactly one time (if you don’t count all the times she has gone there for swim team). I always tell her that we have a perfectly good pool in our backyard. […]

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I am pretty sure we didn’t do anything today other than hang out by the pool. Is that the life or what? It was swim, swim, swim. I am not sure how but I took 5 pictures in a row of the sky… but I think these were being taken while I was holding my […]

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We were walking through the grocery store today when we saw a large bin full of Solo Cups. I thought it was kinda weird that they were not wrapped in plastic like usual so I picked one up. Much to my delight I discovered that these were not ordinary Solo Cups they were plastic insulated […]

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Our pool has lost water like crazy in the last week and today we finally got around to trying to fix it. We are 99% sure it is leaking out of the back of the light. JP took it apart and plugged the hole. When he finished our plan was to refill the pool to […]

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So remember my post last week about fixing the pool leak? Yeah… well… it didn’t work. Look where the level was at this morning. Time to try again once JP gets back in town. And this morning when I walked out on the deck I spotted this coozie. I have never seen this thing before […]

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Remember all of that rain that I talked about last weekend? And how I confessed my irrational fear of the pool overflowing? Well over the last few days I have watched that completely full pool level drop and drop and drop. At first I thought maybe it was my imagination but as the week went […]