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Sit back and let me tell you a story about a palm tree. When we moved into this house in August of 2010 one of the first things I noticed in the backyard was a huge terracotta pot with a decent sized palm tree in it. It was in the foliage on the left side […]


So I talk about the plants in our yard all the time… that is no secret. What I haven’t told you guys is that this crazy cold winter that we have had has taken a toll on all of them. Okay maybe not all of them but about 80% of them. I am not even […]

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Lily has been on vacation with her dad for the last few weeks but as of today she is back. They took a long trip to Destin, FL for some fun in the sun. As soon as he dropped her off she was blah, blah, blah non-stop (remind you of anyone). I told her we […]

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All of the plants in our backyard are very happy! They love the sun we have had and they love the rain we have had. Last week I moved the Fox Tail Fern that we got back in February from over near the back deck to on top of the pool deck. I was a […]

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A few weeks ago while Lily and I were at Lowe’s we bought hanging tomato plant kits. My friend Stephanie had a lot of success last year growing them and the tomatoes that came from her plants were delicious so it totally motivated me. As I have told you before Lily loves growing things from […]


This afternoon we were out in the yard looking at our citrus trees. We can see lots of new growth on the grapefruit tree and a bit of new growth on the satsuma tree. I have been a bit worried about the satsuma because he hasn’t done anything in a few months. No growth.. no […]


Back on June 1st JP, Lily and I went shopping for lemon and lime trees. They were sold out of those so we ended up with a grapefruit tree and an orange tree. They were in pots for about a month until our yard guy told us they needed to go in the ground. He […]

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This summer I moved all of my house plants out into different parts of the yard. I moved them because I was out of town so often that they were not getting the water and attention that they needed if I left them on the deck. I was pretty clever about it… I put each […]

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Back in August JP sent me a live basket of roses for my birthday. I am not sure what I did wrong but they were pretty much dead within a week. I took the basket of dead roses outside picked out all the dead stuff and left the basket on the back deck. I knew […]

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Remember a few weeks ago I told you that our yard guy planted the citrus trees in the yard? If not click here. Today I was walking around inspecting all of my plants and trees and look what I saw. Do you know how exciting this is??? The grapefruit tree has new buds!!!! In theory […]

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I have had a major stomach flu since Tuesday that I am finally starting to get over. Up until yesterday I thought it was food poisoning but right before we got on our last flight JP said he wasn’t feeling very good and had the same exact symptoms. I knew he wasn’t feeling good by […]

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For some people it is the pets that are a problem when they are going on vacation. They need to find someone to take care of them while they are gone. For me it is a plant problem. I can’t leave for more than a day or two without risking certain death for a few […]


This morning we woke up and headed to downtown San Antonio to check out the Pearl Farmers Market. We have never been there before and we learned a big lesson. If your going you need to go early. Not only because of the heat but because by the time we got there most of the […]


Remember a couple weeks ago I told you guys about our adventure to Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard? Well later that same day we headed to a nursery to buy a couple citrus trees. Our intent was to buy lemon and lime trees but they were all sold out so we bought a grapefruit tree and […]

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A couple weeks ago I was googling around online about olives and I stumbled upon a website for an olive orchard just south of San Antonio. I was immediately intrigued… I mean I thought they only grew in California. I knew right away that I wanted to go check this place out. Up until today […]

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Get it?

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Back on September 15, 2011 I told you guys about the happy plants out on our deck. Today I was going through my archives looking for something when I stumbled upon that post. I printed out a copy of the old picture and headed outside. I put all of the pots back in the spot […]


If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I am a huge fan of plants. I like plants and they like me so it all works out really well. Back in like November in preparation for winter I moved two of the big plants inside. We only had […]

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Once we were almost done planting we had one more plant left… but only 1 pot that wasn’t big enough. I told Lily that we could go buy more pots later on. This is the plant that needed to be replanted to a bigger pot. It is very full and soooo pretty! After doing some […]

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Lily and I have had a project in mind for a little while now so we decided today was the day. See this rocky tree bed? We think it would look much better with flowers around it instead of rocks. We actually had this idea last summer but never got around to it. Our first […]

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For Lily Week today she wanted to plant the flowers that we bought the other day. We bought a few late last week but it had started raining by the time we got home so we never did anything with them. Lily has gotten really good at potting plants. Here she is watering on of […]