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I am a texter. I text on my phone a lot more than I talk on it. I see a text a lot faster than I see an email or hear a voicemail. It is a pretty good way to get a hold of me. I am also usually pretty good at responding to text […]

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I’ve told you about my obsession with my iPhone now I am want to show you one of the apps that I’m obsessed with. My favorite game by far is DrawSomething. It’s exactly like Pictionary, but on your phone. You start a game with someone, either someone you know or someone random, and you are […]

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Last Sunday my iPhone fell in the bathtub. Your first question is probably “Who brings their phone in the bathtub with them?”. So in order to avoid that question I will tell you what really happened. I woke up that morning knowing that Angela had a 6:00am flight. I looked at the clock and it […]

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Our recycling gets picked up on Saturday mornings. We have a hard time actually getting it to the bottom of the curb every single week so we usually only take advantage of the service every other week. And since it is usually every other week the bin is usually completely full by the Saturday that we remember. […]


When we got our iPhones a couple months ago we also bought the protective cases that they were selling in the store. I have made no secret of the fact that I am very good and breaking phones. Today I accidentally tested my protective case. I was walking down the steps at work and the […]


It is no secret that it is pretty hot in Texas. Actually no it is really hot! But do you wanna know what else is really freakin hot? The inside of a parked car. Did you know that a car’s interior will heat up by an average of 40º F within one hour of being parked? Even […]


I was in the drive-thru at Starbucks today and it got me thinking. Most of you are probably wondering what BofC is? A few of you already know but I am going to tell you again. When I first starting seeing JP he would send me a picture of his coffee cup every morning. Seem […]

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After almost a year of wanting, begging, pleading, pouting, needing, yelling, whining, threatning, lusting, sighing, black mailing, warning, asking, desiring, hoping, and OMGing JP suprisingly finally got me my 32gig iPhone! Now I just need to figure out how this thing works!!