A Not So Daily Dose of Daisy
Master of living a random, unpredictable life.

This is random but did you know that every time we park at the airport we park in the same area on the 3rd floor? Do you know why? The reason is pretty obvious… we need to remember where the truck is parked. Every once in a while we get to the parking lot and […]


3 Tickets to Gulliver’s Travels: $35.00 Candy, Pop & Popcorn at the concession stand: $26.00 Seeing Lily excited to see this movie in 3D: Priceless! Oh and this one is for Erica! You totally missed out because I hung out with Justin Beiberhead after the movie!  


I went downtown to get something today. San Antonio is a very big city but downtown on the Riverwalk is the only place the I know where to buy it! When I was down there I parked in the same parking garage as I almost always do. I have never noticed this green building across the […]

The last three times Lily and I have gone to the grocery store a “Customer with Child Parking” spot has been open. There are three of them that I know of. I still wonder if every time I park there if she is considered a child. Here is the dictonary.com definition of child 1. a person […]