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A couple of days ago Lily asked if she could have a friend over after school. Of course I said she could. Then the next day she asked if it could be two friends. I am easy so I said yes. Well then the day before I was informed that it was going to be […]


I was surfing around on the internet the other day when I ran into a picture of something that gave me a really good idea. I wish I had saved a copy of it but I didn’t. I did however save the idea in my mind. This is what we did. Lily stood out in […]

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Winter Pier SH MI

My friend T.C. snapped this picture of the lighthouse and piers in South Haven, MI today. If you click on the picture you can see the full screen version. I had to shrink it to get it into the post but I plan on printing it and framing it to hang in our house. Thanks […]

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I have told you before that I am constantly looking for things to keep Lily busy. If you have spent any time with her you know that busy Lily = awesome Lily. If she gets bored she is kinda like me… she gets hard to deal with. There are a million things you can do […]


Today I started my first painting in my acrylic painting class. In a perfect world my painting will look almost exactly like the photo that I showed you the other day. I learned how to prepare the canvas and how to draw the guiding lines on our canvas. Can you see it coming to life […]

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I sent an email to the Acrylics Painting instructor this morning with 5 photos in it. She told us last week that she would pick which photo I will start to paint on canvas this week. The next class is on Wednesday morning and I couldn’t be more excited! I sent this one that I […]


I had my first Acrylic Painting class today. I signed up for this one because again it is something that I know very little about, but want to know more. What I didn’t realize when I signed up for the 6 week class was that I would spend more on supplies than on the actual […]


Even though Lily is only in 3rd grade she still comes home with homework every single day. It is always math and reading. We have the perfect after school routine. I pick her up from school. And when we get home we relax a bit then when I am ready to start cooking dinner it […]


This afternoon as I was about to leave to run errands the door bell rang. Once I got to the door I could see a UPS truck. I opened up the front door and this is what I saw. I also saw the UPS guy getting back into his truck. When Lily and I were […]


My hair is crazy right now. Most of the semi-permanent color has washed out and I need to do something about it. I mean look at this stuff, it’s crazy! Pretty soon I will be over the color stage and back to brown… but today is not that day.   Here is what I need to use […]


I wear flip flops every single day. Seriously EVERY single day. I always slip on my flip flops before I leave for work in the morning and I change info a pair of heels once I get to my desk at work. Then when I leave for the day I put my flip flops back […]


Since it is to early to carve them Lily, Adeline and I painted pumpkins today. Here is Lily working on her pumpkin. Adeline’s pumpkin. And my pumpkin!


Amanda spotted a rainbow in our backyard tonight! I have prepared myself to stop smoking for awhile now. Being so sick earlier this week I realized on Tuesday that I had not smoked in two days. I hear that the first few days are the hardest. I only had one breakdown today and when it was […]

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JP has opened up a new door for me into the world of art. I have always had a few paintings on the wall but never like this. For me it use to go something like … you grab a hammer and some nails,  you put a painting on the nail…  check that its straight… and never […]