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After I picked up Lily from school today we had a few things that we had to get done before we went to bed. We needed to go shopping and buy her a new winter coat and we had to pack our bags for our last minute trip to Seattle. Check out this super cute […]


I have been thinking about it for days and at 9:00 tonight I finally started and finished packing for our trip. Between Lily and I we will have 1 checked suitcase, 1 laptop bag and my big Coach purse that I got for Mother’s Day. Oh and I am sure in the morning Lily will […]

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We leave for vacation early tomorrow morning so today was packing day. Here is my bed with lots of mine and Lily’s clean clothing on it. Someone is very excited to be packing! Lily thought if she tried hard enough she could squish it all down. All done!


Today after work we packed up the truck and headed to the beach. Door to door it is exactly 180 miles from our house to the Holiday Inn Sunspree which is located right on the Gulf of Mexico. For those of you that don’t know here is a little geography lesson. Point A is San Antonio […]


What do you do when you are on an airplane? This is what me and Lily will be doing. On our way home from Best Buy I told Lily we have to figure out what DS actually stands for. Right away she called out “digital” and then we went through a few S’s before we […]


I have been trying to think back all day to the last time I took a vacation for this long. The only thing I can come up with was at least 10 years ago. It is pretty hard deciding what to pack. I layed out what I am packing for Lily on her bed so that tomorrow […]


On Monday morning we woke up to grey skies but we were ok with it because it was time to pack up and head home. By the time it was time to check out this is what it looked like from the balcony in our room. The storm never made it to full hurricane force […]

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I bought Philosophy body wash a couple months ago because I love how the Senorita Margarita smells. Now I can’t imagine not using it. I promised Lily we can go smell all of the Philosophy products and she can fall in love with one too. I also love my new curling iron. I have always […]

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Today was moving day. Again a HUGE thanks to Amanda & J9 for directing the movers while JP and I were at work. The movers worked from 10am until 10pm!! Amanda texted me this picture around 10am.


When I was growing up there was a swing kinda like this one on our front porch. Ask anyone who knew us back then and I guarantee they can tell you at least one memory about sitting out on the front porch at our home. In a little over a month I will have my […]