A Not So Daily Dose of Daisy
Master of living a random, unpredictable life.

As usual JP, Lily and I did nothing for NYE. Like seriously nothing. It has been unusually cold around here. Gross. 


I have been in Portland with JP since Sunday afternoon. When he asked me what I plan on doing while I’m here I told him that I just wanted to hang out with him. I had a few really good lazy days. Did I get anything done? Not really.. unless you count cleaning the apartment, […]


If someone asked you “When is the last time you stood in the rain?” what would you say? I would say “Today”! It rained today for like 10 minutes in my backyard. Not in the front yard and not at my neighbors house but I did at my house. I was so amazed that I actually went […]


I have been asked a few times in the last couple months what it is like to not have a job. Sure I might not have a “job” but that does not mean I don’t “work”. The big difference between my old job and new job is that I love love love the new one. […]


We have a bunch of quilts in our house. I would say at least a dozen of them. Nice, heavy, thick quilts. I am not sure where they are all from but I know that most of them are antique, some are Amish and at least one of them was made by JP’s grandma. JP […]


This is the only picture I took today. It’s a picture of what I did today to amuse myself while I sat through Lily’s volleyball practice. As you guys know I love to take pictures. I usually use my camera but sometimes it is easier to use my cell phone.  I looked and as of today I have […]


Besides on my trips to Michigan and Montana I have yet to wear a coat this season. When I left work this afternoon it was a cool 45° and I was secretly excited about it. My first thought besides “don’t speed on the way home” was about what I am going to wear for the […]


Since JP is coming home late today I let Lily watch TV in my bedroom.  When I told her I hadn’t taken a picture yet she said “It’s ok Mom just take a picture of me”. Is she my daughter, or what? We took a total of 22 pictures then we looked through them and found […]


Do you remember when we were kids what we would say if someone said  “My nose is running”? It started yesterday morning and has since gotten worse. At work I took some medicine for it and it made me feel high all day. I hate that chemical high feeling but at least there isn’t snot running out […]


We have this girl hanging out on our back deck. It makes me smile every time I see it.


I bought this a few weeks ago. Right when I saw it I instantly wanted to buy it. It has been leaning against a wall in the hallway ever since. Sometime soon I would like to figure out where it is suppose to go.


Today I helped JP with the front yard work. I spent about an hour chopping down weeds with the hedge trimmer while he mowed. By the time we were done we took 3 wheelbarrows of stuff out of the yard. I even pushed the wheelbarrow once!


We are slowly getting things put where they belong in our new house. Today it was decided that this would go well in the master bathroom. We will use the inside to store bath products. JP bought this a few years ago at a store called Second Use off of 1st Avenue in Seattle. Here is a […]


Today we had one of our laziest days in a long time. We spent a lot of time on the couch. First we watched BeetleJuice then Edward Scissorhands then part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then Avatar! I think we needs days like this more often. 


Ok so this is cheating.. this picture was not taken by me, and most certainly not taken today… actually I am pretty sure it was not taken at all.  It’s kinda funny because I would say that Mondays are the one day I can make it through the whole day without ever thinking about what the picture of the […]


I have nothing to post today.. oh and this is not the toilet.


So many thing I could say right now. It was so innocent at first. One thing on my mind… BREAKFAST TACOS!  Nothing would make up for the fact that I crashed JP’s porsche today… nothing. I am not even sure that he believes me yet. Poor JP. I seriously thought I was going to die […]


Every Saturday I paint Lily’s finger and toe nails. If it were up to her every single nail would be a different color but I usually limit her to two to four colors. After I paint them I usually put some little design like polka dots or squiggly lines on them like I do on […]


A couple weeks ago JP and me went and bought a new washer and dryer at Lowe’s. This past Sunday they came to install them but the installer didn’t know how to change the doors so that they would open in the direction that we wanted them to. Today another guy from Lowe’s came and […]


I love the fact that you can buy pop in an 8oz can. I would say that at least 8 out of every 10 cans of 12oz pops I drink don’t get finished. I also love Big Red!