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On this date in 2011 Lily took a nap out by the pool. JP chilled in the shade. And I played a hand of UNO out on the upper deck with my friends.        

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Today Lily and I were at the airport waiting for JP when I realized that the t-shirt she was wearing used to be a night-shirt. When she first got it as a gift in May of 2008 it was really big on her. I went back into my archives and found pictures of her wearing […]

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On this date in 2010 Lily looked like this. And evening traffic looked like this. On this date in 2011 Lily looked like this. And the entire City of San Antonio came to a stand still because snow fell out of the sky. Every highway and interstate was closed for most of the day. On […]

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I was laying in bed this morning thinking about Christmas music so now I have two songs I want to share with you. If you don’t live in San Antonio or even Texas the chances that you ever hear these are pretty slim. Both of these songs are sung by people from San Antonio and […]


Since I didn’t have this blog back then I wasn’t able to share pictures from our first trip to San Diego. In the end of September 2008 JP and I spent a few days in San Diego near Mission Beach. I went into my archives and found a few of my favorite photos from that […]

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Today I was going digging through an old box of photos and I found this one. This is me like a bazillion years ago. The picture was taken out on a 40 acre piece of property that my dad owned in Michigan. After I started thinking about it I remembered that I snapped pictures of […]

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I have always been pretty good at keeping in touch with people from the past. I am always curious to see what direction people went with their life and what they have been up to. Anyone who has been in my life for a long time will remember Barb. I went back in my archives […]

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Let me tell you a story that goes back to September 2007. When my father was starting to get very sick I took Lily with me back home to Michigan for a week. I remember this trip really well because it was the last time I saw my dad alive. We spent the week mostly […]


This morning after James and Suzie left for work me and the kids were ready for our day of adventure together. What is better than a group of cousins hanging out together having fun for the day? They are all pretty close in age (Lily is 8, Stevie is 7 & Tangerine is 5) and they are generally amused […]


We spent our last full day of vacation with my sister Vanessa and her family. I was trying to decide between a few different things to do but eventually chose Greenfield Village which is next to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. What is it you ask? This is what wikipedia says: The Henry […]


Every once in awhile something happens. I can’t really explain it. And I don’t usually know that it is happening. Then the sun sets and as I lay snug in my bed a thought occurs to me. I DIDN’T TAKE A PICTURE OF ANYTHING TODAY! In my head I recapped my day and I totally did things […]


I’m pretty sure that I have told you guys this before but I am gonna say it again – I totally think JP is the smartest person I know. He knows a lotta stuff about a lotta stuff. I am always asking him questions and in turn I am constantly learning from him. If you have […]


When I moved to San Antonio a little over 3 years ago I didn’t bring much with me. Once I decided I was moving I got rid of everything. I brought like 4 boxes of personal stuff like pictures and what not and then the rest of my car was stuffed full of clothing, shoes and jackets. […]


Yesterday we took Stephanie and David to the airport and they headed back to Seattle. Amanda has decided to stay a little longer and spend some time making decisions. I haven’t taken many pictures in the last two days but when I looked back at the photos from this weekend I realize just how much I […]


I am fascinated with black and white photos. I think they are so beautiful. Imagine a time when television was just invented, people read colorless printed newspapers, everyone smoked cigarettes, and family was what mattered most. I think what I like most is when you look at the pictures you look at their faces not at the bright […]


JP: Do you know what tomorrow is? Me: Saturday JP: Yes, but what is happens tomorrow? Me: Sunny Saturday? JP: UUGGHHhhh Me: What am I forgetting? JP: Tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary of the day we met. This my friends is one of the many million reasons I love this man!


Have you noticed sometimes when I post things there are words that appear to be bolded or in a different color? Have you had your mouse hover above them? If you have you will notice it usually says “click here” and if you do it will take you to another posting in my website that […]


There are big changes coming to www.curiousdaisy.com check back often!


I have been picking my brain for what picture to take and add to my final post of 2010. I can’t come up with anything so I decided to take it in a different direction. 2010 was a big year for me. I went through a lot of changes and I learned a lot this year. I also […]


When I was a kid you use to be able to tour the Kellogg’s Cereal factory. Rumor has it that in 1986 someone stole a top-secret recipe when on a factory tour so in turn they stopped giving tours. The factory is in a town named Battle Creek. You pass by Battle Creek on your way from […]


Growing up it was always easy to remember my parents anniversary because it is the same day as Veterans Day. If my parents were still alive today would have been their 49th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!