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We spent the last few days preparing for our Super Bowl XLIX Party.  At the beginning of January when we were talking down the outside Christmas lights we left the green ones up. I told JP that if the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl that we can turn them on during Super Bowl Week. […]

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This morning I got down the box of Super Bowl decor from the garage rafters. As I was going through the container I realized that don’t really have anything good to put on the mantel.   I brainstormed for a little while and came up with an idea for a cool decoration. For less than […]

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JP and I went to a Saint Louis Rams game today. Should we consider that as cheating on the Seattle Seahawks? I don’t think it is. The reason we went is because we were in town and the tickets were cheap. We bought tickets on StubHub.com for $38 each. Yes, $38.00! Does that sound expensive […]

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Today I put together a group of San Antonio people to go watch the Seahawks vs Falcons NFL  playoff game. Even Selena wore a Seahawks shirt. And we cheered our hearts out. Everything was going pretty well… Until the last few minutes of the game. I made a couple of new friends. And saw a […]

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Look out world me and Lily figured out how to use the self-timer on the camera! At work every Friday until SuperBowl Sunday we are allowed to wear NFL gear. Today I wore my Chargers jersey! On the way home tonight Lily told me she wanted a jersey really bad so I let her wear my […]