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This morning when I woke up in Corpus Christi my plan was to head to the Gulf of Mexico. I have never driven my car on the beach so it made me a bit nervous. Before I headed out to the island I stopped by a tire store and asked them to check my tire […]


For the last year I have had a zombie girl sticker in the back window of my car. I originally bought it while shopping for Halloween decorations last year. When Halloween was over I decided to keep her on there since I thought she looked so cool. Pretty neat, right? Well the other day when […]

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Do you ever miss someone? I miss a lot of people a lot of the time… but there is one person who I really really miss when he is traveling on business. I am sure you can guess who has been out of town since last Saturday morning and won’t be back until this Saturday […]

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Up until a couple weeks ago I thought that there were 3 ways to get into our neighborhood. There is actually only 1 street to come in on but there are a few different ways to get past the gate. When you leave the gate will open automatically on the right side but coming in […]


Yesterday Lily and I were driving home from school and for about 5 seconds my temperature light on MSW’s (miss sexy wheels) dashboard came on. It freaked me out a little bit so I pushed the button on my wheel that tells me the vitals (tire pressure, coolant temp, trip odometer, oil life, fuel range, […]

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I have told you guys time and time again that Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday. Remember the pictures I posted last year from Halloweens in my past? If not click HERE. I have been looking forward to decorating the house for quite a while now and now that it is done I want to […]

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I remember the first time I ever rode in a convertible car. Needless to say I was so excited. I imagined it would be just like in the movies when they are flying down the freeway without a care in the world. Well if you have ever rode in a convertible you know that I […]

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It seems as though my love affair with the City of San Antonio is not quite over yet. Remember back on 2/15 when I told you about the speeding ticket that I mailed in but they sent back to me? Well… I thought I was done with that. But today when I checked my mail […]


I have told you before that we named my car MSW, do you remember what it stands for? Today I have a prime example of why maybe getting this car was not my best choice as far as practicality goes. When I got out of work today it was warm and sunny so I put the […]


I was sitting at work today daydreaming about what to take a picture of and then I started thinking about my lost camera. Sad, very sad. I couldn’t help but think about how stupid a lot of my pictures would be from now on because I would have to use my phone. Don’t get me wrong I do have […]


I didn’t really do a lot of anything today other than wake up, go to work, work, come home, go to the gym for less than an hour and then update this site. I didn’t think I took a picture of anything so I had no idea what to post. But when I looked at […]


After work today I got pulled over for the 2nd time in less than a month. A few weeks ago San Antonio Police Department gave me a ticket for going 60 in a 45 after exiting the highway. This time Bexar County gave me a ticket for an expired window sticker thing (which we have […]

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Today at lunch I gave MSW its first shower! This is seriously impressive considering the high temperature today was close to if not over 100°.


I have never denied that my car has pretty much no room for much else but the drive and the passenger. Today I totally impressed myself by hauling something I didn’t think was possible. I went to Uhaul and told the guy behind the counter that I needed some moving boxes and packing paper. I […]