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If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I am a huge fan of plants. I like plants and they like me so it all works out really well. Back in like November in preparation for winter I moved two of the big plants inside. We only had […]


It has recently come to light that neither JP nor I deny that we sometimes have a procastination problem. Have you ever noticed that on this website you have never seen any pictures taken upstairs besides in Lily’s room? Well things are changing because we had a GSD day! GSD is what we tell each […]

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I bought Philosophy body wash a couple months ago because I love how the Senorita Margarita smells. Now I can’t imagine not using it. I promised Lily we can go smell all of the Philosophy products and she can fall in love with one too. I also love my new curling iron. I have always […]


After dinner we headed to Costco to buy water, pop, and batteries. When we got home two of our neighbors where standing on our front porch. We met Yvette and Anna who came to introduce themselves and brought us yummy strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Thank you Yvette and Anna!! This is the first time in […]


Our house is slowly getting put together. I am excited to post pictures of the house but I am holding off until more of our stuff makes it into their correct places (boxes of stuff, furniture, etc). For now let’s talk about electricity. Did you know that JP has a degree in Electrical Engineering? This […]

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Today was moving day. Again a HUGE thanks to Amanda & J9 for directing the movers while JP and I were at work. The movers worked from 10am until 10pm!! Amanda texted me this picture around 10am.


I have never denied that my car has pretty much no room for much else but the drive and the passenger. Today I totally impressed myself by hauling something I didn’t think was possible. I went to Uhaul and told the guy behind the counter that I needed some moving boxes and packing paper. I […]


When I was growing up there was a swing kinda like this one on our front porch. Ask anyone who knew us back then and I guarantee they can tell you at least one memory about sitting out on the front porch at our home. In a little over a month I will have my […]


Today we did more unpacking … I am not sure if we will ever be done. In my few days of unpacking all of his stuff I have seen a bunch of cool things .. but this really impressed me. The box was marked “Master Clothing” and it was about chest high on me. I […]


I was totally JP’s slave today. My goal was to unpack the boxes that the movers put in the kitchen. This is what it looked like when I started. This is what it looked like when I gave up 8 hours later! And is this the pile, no mountain, of packing paper that was wrapped […]

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Bright and early this morning the 54 foot moving truck showed up with all of JP’s things.  He told me a bunch of times that he had a lot of stuff …. next time I know to believe what he says!

Old Kitchen

As many of you know I moved in the middle of November. Today I went by the old house one last time to grab the last few things.  Taking this picture made me realize that I am moving forward in my life and my chapter on living in Northwest Crossing on Flaming Forest is over. In the past […]