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Have you ever considered not drinking for one month? I did. And I did it. I spent the entire month of February without a drop of alcohol. I came up with the idea and JP played along. I did it mostly as an experiment just to see what it is like. I read a few […]

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For the last couple weeks I have kept an eye out for large hairy spiders. Wait… that sounds kinda scary!! What I meant to say is that for the last couple weeks I have kept an eye out for large hairy spiders anywhere that I see Halloween decorations for sale. So far the only ones […]


You know how I am always preaching to you guys about keeping your digital pictures safe by archiving them by sending them up to the sky? Well let me tell you a little story and give you another example why it is fun to be able to go back and walk down memory lane! I have blogged about my […]

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Today we headed down to the riverwalk for dinner. Here is J9, Lily and Patty at Casa Rio which is my favorite restaurant on the river. I had no idea that Lily took this picture of herself. She is getting pretty good at it! After dinner we showed Patty the outside of the Alamo before heading […]


Ven came from Seattle to stay the weekend with us. Here is Rose, Veniffer and Cathy enjoying a 60 oz. margarita.