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One of the best things about having years and years of photos archived is that you can go back and look at things that you otherwise may have forgotten. The best part is sometime in 2008 they started getting sorted in date order. Now I can do things like this. Do you know what I […]


On July 20th JP and I boarded a flight to Portland, OR. It was a quick three night trip then on to St Louis, MO to tie up some loose ends. Luckily my friend Nicole who lives in San Antonio was also flying to Portland that day. She was in Portland for a computer geek […]


This morning Stephanie and I went on a Jimi Hendrix adventure. First we drove up to the Capital Hill area to see the bronze statue of Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix is a Seattle native so naturally he is only buried about 15 minutes from here at Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, WA. If you go […]


We got something in the mail today… FINALLY!!! I am so excited for JP to get back in town tomorrow so that we can open it.


Late last year Lily started going to Stone Oak Orthodontics. I did a post back in April about her getting the appliance put in her mouth. You can click here to see the pictures from back then. Today she went back again and had her braces put on. She is in so much pain… and […]


Here is a picture of JP and me from a long long time ago. Awe!    

Look At Those Smiles

I have a lot of fun pictures from the days when my blog was down so I pulled out a few to share with you guys. JP’s birthday was on 8/1 but he was out of town until late on 8/2. Lily and I picked him up from the airport around 10:00 pm. When we […]


When I was a kid my mom made a ridiculous amount of cookies for the holidays. My favorite cookies where the sugar cookies that she made for Halloween. I also remember that she would make the cookie dough the night before. I totally used the recipe from my mom’s cookbook. I set everything out and had Lily add it […]


A few years ago Stephanie was on a flight from Seattle to San Antonio on Southwest Airlines. The airline has red stir sticks with a heart on the end of them. When she landed in SA she said that she asked for a bunch of them because she knew I liked stir sticks. To this […]


In my opinion one of the absolute best things to do in Washington is to go to the Olympic Game Farm. I have been there a bunch of times through the years and I am never disapointed. Most people go to the Olympic Peninsula to go to the Olympic National Forest or to see the town of Forks, […]


We woke up this morning at JP’s parents house on Camano Island. The first thing Lily said to me after I got up was “Mom, did you look outside?”. It was late and dark when we got there last night so she had no idea that we were right on a cliff  looking over the water. Camano Island […]


It is no secret that the Mariner’s are having about as good of a season as Seattle is a summer. But regardless of that how could a trip to Seattle be complete without a baseball game? Here are 4 of the 13 tickets that got my group into tonights game.! Even JP’s parents Marlene and Bob joined […]


This morning after James and Suzie left for work me and the kids were ready for our day of adventure together. What is better than a group of cousins hanging out together having fun for the day? They are all pretty close in age (Lily is 8, Stevie is 7 & Tangerine is 5) and they are generally amused […]


We spent our last full day of vacation with my sister Vanessa and her family. I was trying to decide between a few different things to do but eventually chose Greenfield Village which is next to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. What is it you ask? This is what wikipedia says: The Henry […]


It has been a few days since I wrote because I have been hanging out in South Haven, MI. I did lots of stuff and saw lots of people but I didn’t take a lot of pictures. In no particular order these are some of the things we did: Lily caught her very first frog […]


Today was one of our favorite days of our vacation so far. We took so many great photos that I have decided to break this up into two postings. We covered a lot of ground today and explored the greater NW portion of Michigan. When we woke up this morning the first thing Lily said […]


After all that fun today we decided to drive to Manistee, MI and find a motel room to stop and rest for the night. We drove through town and nothing really caught our eye so we drove through the historic part of town and we saw The Ramsdell Inn. This building was built in 1891 […]


Check out the map below. We put in a solid 8+ hour day today of being a tourist and driving really far! Lily slept for the first couple hours of our trip while we went from St Ignace, MI to Paradise, MI. Right before we drove into Paradise I saw Lake Superior. Sure she was sleeping […]


We left Vanessa’s house this morning and headed north on Hwy 23/I-75. The town that we had in mind to stop at for the night is less than 3 hours away so we were not really in a big hurry to get there. Our first stop was in Flint, MI. If you know anything about […]


After breakfast Me, Vanessa, Lily, Isabel and Sofia headed out for a little trip to Hell. I downloaded a pretty cool iPhone app named Roadside America. The app locates me on the map and tells me what strange and offbeat things that are near by. The first place we stopped was The Shoe Tree which was about 5 […]


Today we headed out to Independence Lake which is very near Vanessa’s house here in Whitmore Lake. It’s a pretty nice park that has beach access, a rock climb thing, paddle boat rentals, a concession stand, bathrooms, a splash zone and a playground. Before we left home Vanessa made hamburger patties to bbq for lunch. […]