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My hair is crazy right now. Most of the semi-permanent color has washed out and I need to do something about it. I mean look at this stuff, it’s crazy! Pretty soon I will be over the color stage and back to brown… but today is not that day.   Here is what I need to use […]


I know it is hard to tell in the pictures that I publish but Lily is growing like a weed. She stands at about 54″ tall and it seems like she is getting taller by the day. Lately she has been expressing her awareness of it and it is not in a positive way. She […]


I wear flip flops every single day. Seriously EVERY single day. I always slip on my flip flops before I leave for work in the morning and I change info a pair of heels once I get to my desk at work. Then when I leave for the day I put my flip flops back […]


That’s right people only 9 more shopping days left until my birthday. Can you believe I am gonna be 25 (insert crowd laughing sound here). I went to Nordstroms after work today. Here is a picture of what I bought. What do you think is in the bag? ?


Every Saturday I paint Lily’s finger and toe nails. If it were up to her every single nail would be a different color but I usually limit her to two to four colors. After I paint them I usually put some little design like polka dots or squiggly lines on them like I do on […]


After work today I went to get  my hair cut at Salon Desires on Blanco Rd. I will totally admit that I have been pulling gray hairs out for a couple years now. JP always gives me a hard time about it telling me leave them alone. Today my stylist mentioned them and I asked her […]


About a year ago JP turned me on to the hair products at Origins. If you have never smelled Clear Head Mint Shampoo or Conditioner do yourself a favor, go find the closest Origins store and smell it. The first few times I tried it I only used it because I ran out of the shampoo […]

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The only makeup that I wear is Estee Lauder. I love that stuff!  Open up my makeup drawer at home and it is the only brand you will find. I was looking at the Estee Lauders website and I found a quote from Mrs Lauder that said “Tell-A-Phone, Tell-A-Graph, Tell-A-Woman” because she believed that if a woman tried […]