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I have been pretty lucky on my visits to Portland for the last few months because it hasn’t rained a single time that I have been here. But my luck ran out today and now it is wet, rainy and cold. I was in the apartment thinking about how hungry I was when I broke […]

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I have mentioned Frito Pie to you guys a few times and today I finally made it the right way. JP, Lily and I hung out at the pool all afternoon and a few hours into it they both said they were hungry. This is all you need. Heating up the chili and beans on […]


Today I spent my morning at the San Antonio Food Bank as a volunteer doing some administrative work. Here are a couple of pictures that I snapped while I was there. This is a map of the 16 counties that they cover. And a map of all the different food banks in Texas. After I […]


Have you ever had Tortilla Soup? I have only had it in restaurants and every place makes it just a little bit different. A couple weeks ago I was walking through my local grocery store and the Cooking Connection had samples of their version. It was so good. This morning when I was shopping I […]

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A couple years ago my sister Vanessa called me on the phone and told me about a show she saw on TV about puffy tacos. I told her I had never had one but that I will be sure to try one. Every time I talked to her over the next few months she would […]