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Have you ever considered not drinking for one month? I did. And I did it. I spent the entire month of February without a drop of alcohol. I came up with the idea and JP played along. I did it mostly as an experiment just to see what it is like. I read a few […]


I have seen my share of lizard fights but it still amazes me every time. These two were going at it for about an hour in our backyard this afternoon. When I looked them up online I found this information. The green anole is generally about five to eight inches (13 to 20 cm) long. […]


This morning my niece Ayla met me at the hotel and then we headed out for a Portland adventure. Our original plan was to use the loaner bikes that the Kimpton Hotel has for guests but we decided it was a little to cold and rainy for that so instead we got in the car. […]


We are constantly learning. Sometimes it is good lessons… sometimes bad. Looking back at 2013 here are some of the things I learned: Our grapefruit tree gave us two grapefruit this year. The best time to pick them in the end of January. Folex is amazing. You can clean anything out of the carpet if […]


I am a huge fan of the plastic see through Starbucks cups. I have like 4 venti sized cups that I have used for a long time. About a year or so ago they came out with a trenta sized cup which is quite a bit bigger. I have never actually ordered a trenta sized […]

Cute, huh?

Right now we are sitting in a Boeing 737 aircraft at about 36,000 feet in the sky. We have a 3 hour direct flight from San Antonio to Los Angeles. Lily, JP and I are going to be spending the next 3 nights at Disneyland and the following 3 nights in Palm Desert. What better […]

ALEX TINER john wayne heating and air conditioning

This morning I was laying in bed when I heard my phone beep at me. It was a text message from my neighbor that said to call her. I called her and she told me that her husband told her that the air conditioning unit(s) on the side of our house are making a high-pitched […]

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Lily and I went to Barnes & Noble today to buy a few books. Right when we got there she headed off to the kids section to look for a couple chapter books. She knows that when I say she can pick out a book that the young kid books or activity books do not […]

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I saw this today and I can’t resist sharing!  


Today I started my first painting in my acrylic painting class. In a perfect world my painting will look almost exactly like the photo that I showed you the other day. I learned how to prepare the canvas and how to draw the guiding lines on our canvas. Can you see it coming to life […]


Every once in awhile I see something that really makes me think. A friend of mine snapped this picture and posted it on FB a couple days ago. I figured it was worth sharing. I really like the “take too many pictures” part. You have no idea how many people have said “you take so […]


I had my first Acrylic Painting class today. I signed up for this one because again it is something that I know very little about, but want to know more. What I didn’t realize when I signed up for the 6 week class was that I would spend more on supplies than on the actual […]


I remember when I was a kid my mom would ask us what kind of birthday cake we wanted. When we were younger the cake usually matched the theme of that birthday. For example look the 6 year old me… notice the cake and the doll that I am holding. I was thinking back and […]

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At the beginning of 2011 I made a list of things I wanted/needed to accomplish this year. One of the things I didn’t do was get a passport, but there are a few big things I was able to cross off of my list. I did finally get that Texas drivers license that I have […]