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Lizzy is what we named the lizard from the accident this morning. She seemed to be in full health by the time Lily got home from school. We took her outside to the same spot that I found her. If you look carefully at the jar as Lily opens it you can see Lizzy jump […]


The title is a bit misleading. Yes, today is Cinco De Mayo… but we didn’t celebrate it. Looking back I don’t think we have ever celebrated it… which is strange because of the city that we live in. But I do have a Cinco De Mayo memory that will always stick with me. One year […]

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Lily had her third orthodontic appointment today at Stone Oak Orthodontics. Her first visit was for the consultation and to take impressions of her teeth. The second was to put a device in but they couldn’t get it in so they had to redo the impressions. So on today’s visit they put the new device […]


Although Easter was a huge success we did have a bit of drama after dinner. I was washing dishes and while I was washing one of the knifes it slipped and cut my right pointer finger. I knew right when it happened that it was a bad cut. After wrapping it up in a napkin […]

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On Friday a couple hours before I was suppose to go play softball I felt like I had a little bit of heartburn. I took some Tums thinking it would go away. As I drove to the field it got worse and worse instead of feeling better. When I got to the field I told […]


There is a reason that they say not to drink and drive… and I am not talking about cars! Someone… err I mean some people thought it was a good idea to go for a bike ride to the beach. So we hopped on and headed to the beach. Go Angela, go! Sure we had […]


When you are a kid and you fall and scrape your knee it’s only a big deal for a couple minutes. When your an adult and something like that happens you feel it for at least a couple hours… sometimes days. Remember back on July 10th when I got hit by a softball in the […]


I played two games of softball today in 80º weather!  I haven’t played since December 5th but it feels like a lot longer than that. This afternoon Mario sent me a text asking if I can fill in on his team and I was all over it. So first I played a game over at Victory Sports Park […]


Today me and Cathy went to Kennedy Sports Park to fill in for a softball team that was short a couple girls. These fields are nicer than the fields we play on on Tuesday. The biggest difference is the actual field itself. Both fields are red sand but over at the other field the ground is a lot softer and […]


After school today I took Lily to the mall to pick out earrings. Up until today she did not have any earrings except for the ones she got pierced with. They have some pretty cool earrings at the store and we had a lot of fun looking through them. Little did I know what was in store for us […]


After playing in two kickball games and a softball game last night I was tired. Like really tired. I am pretty sure I didn’t wake up at all until the alarm went off bright and early this morning. I was all rested up but I was not prepared for how I felt. Ouch.. my muscles […]


Lily was playing out front after dinner today and took a tumble off of her scooter. Ouch! The odd thing is that she only scraped her chin.


You can always tell that either Amanda or Stephanie are in town when we have to make a visit to one of these places. This time my lucky guest is Amanda. She was trying to cut an avacado when she accidently did this instead. Being a good sport I drove down to Walgreens and bought a bunch […]


When we got our iPhones a couple months ago we also bought the protective cases that they were selling in the store. I have made no secret of the fact that I am very good and breaking phones. Today I accidentally tested my protective case. I was walking down the steps at work and the […]


Today I played 2 softball games with a team named “I’d Hit It”. They had a girl player who couldn’t make it so I filled in for her. You might recognize three other people in the photo. Cathy is in there and so is Mario and Barbara from kickball. This picture was taken right before […]