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Did you know that most people can’t name all 5 of the Great Lakes? I know… I am just as surprised as you are by that fact. Well up until today I have only been to 4 of the 5. After our Niagra Falls tour I thought it would be a good idea to drive […]


Here I go again with another Pinterest inspired project (I found the original directions here). I know Lily likes strawberry and Cameron likes chocolate so I made sure I had the right flavorings on hand. I think if I ever make this for myself I would crumble up a peanut butter cup or some other […]

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As we were sitting down to dinner Lily asked me to get an extra plate because Lilly SZP was joining us for dinner. If you recall her doll has the same name with a slightly different spelling and her last name is all three of our last names. Today she informed us that Lilly also […]

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After dinner Lily asked me if she could go across the street and see if Cameron was home. About 15 minutes later she came back and both her and Cam were holding their American Girl dolls. They played video games for a little while (with their dolls sitting next to them) and then they asked […]

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Did you know that Lily has been taking gymnastics for over 2 years? I have never talked about it on here because I have never taken her there. She has been going on Mondays and she is always with her dad on that day. Well a few weeks ago when I got the email about […]


After breakfast Me, Vanessa, Lily, Isabel and Sofia headed out for a little trip to Hell. I downloaded a pretty cool iPhone app named Roadside America. The app locates me on the map and tells me what strange and offbeat things that are near by. The first place we stopped was The Shoe Tree which was about 5 […]


A few months back I was standing in the BBQ sauce aisle in my local grocery store. I was trying to pick out a new BBQ sauce to use with that nights dinner.  Since we live in Texas which is the self-proclaimed BBQ capital there are many many sauce options. Decisions, decisions. There was a […]