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For about three hours today two doves sat on the hot tub cover in our backyard. If you look closely you can see them sitting there. They sat there and sat there and sat there. The only time they really moved was to turn their head and look at me when I took their picture. […]


Today was a super busy day and I used more than my normal share of water. This might not be a good thing considering the city announced this week that we are now in stage 2 water/drought restrictions. To read more about the water in San Antonio CLICK HERE. First I hosed down the inside […]


Yet another one of those northern girls who are not scared to swim when the water is a little cold! Jump Janine! I however was not brave enough to swim so I stayed in the hottub.  


Today we spent the entire day outside by the pool. The air temperature was about 70°! The pool temperature is up to about 85° and it was perfect for swimming and suntanning! Stephanie, Me & Amanda in the hottub. Everyone wanted to lay on the float thing. Stephanie said “I am totally goiing to buy one […]

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Is It Hot?

Today was a good evening to go in the hottub. The only problem is that you have to plan ahead .. at least a few hours because we don’t always leave it on. Lily has no idea that its a hottub.. or that it gets warm. She looked out the window and noticed that it […]