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This week we are staying at The Chase Park Plaza in the Central West End of St Louis. We love this place! Everything about it is great. You can see more pictures and learn about this history of the hotel if you click here. Lily’s favorite part is the pool. We have gone down and […]


After all that fun today we decided to drive to Manistee, MI and find a motel room to stop and rest for the night. We drove through town and nothing really caught our eye so we drove through the historic part of town and we saw The Ramsdell Inn. This building was built in 1891 […]


Today was day 2 of our beach adventures. Shauna and the babies had too much sun the day before so Lily, Gage, JP and I headed down to the beach without them. Here is the sweetest picture of the day. Lily and Gage are both big talkers either one can talk you ear off about pretty much […]


We woke up this morning around 8:00am in our room on the 22nd floor of the hotel.  Last night when we checked in they informed us that the continental breakfast would be on the club level on the 23 floor. So after we showered and got ready we headed upstairs for breakfast. Lily gave the breakfast rave reviews. […]


Have I ever told you about my love for hotels? I seriously think I could live in a hotel if it was an option.  Since we were already going to drive to Houston to pick up Shauna, Gage and Teylor we decided it would be fun to go up on Thursday and get a hotel […]


This morning we woke up in Ann Arbor, MI which is the home of the University of Michigan.  We stayed at Weber’s I would 100% recommend this hotel to anyone staying in this area. Everything about it was awesome.  The day before was so busy with the baptism and all that all three of us […]


Today Amanda, Stephanie, JP & I all headed up to Austin to celebrate JP’s birthday. We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel on 7th & Congress. The first thing we did after we checked in was have dinner at The Roaring Fork. Even the waiter knew it was JP’s birthday weekend because after dinner they brought him birthday dessert! No […]


I believe that I have said it before but I will say it again. I ♥ hotels. I really really like staying in them. Since Austin is about an hour and a half drive from home I decided to come see JP again today after work. Here I am chillin’ in our room at The […]